Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Factory Visit

Peter and Jack got their first taste of working today during their visit to the factory that is managed by our friend Damiano. They saw the rows of workers sitting in front of the conveyor belt, putting together electronic components.

Hangzhou 015

Some soldering happening here - the plastic bell sucks away the fumes, and the long wire is solder being used on the component.
Hangzhou 012

It was Jack's turn to work the line.  Unfortunately the only thing he was qualified for was boxing the finished products.  One of the workers graciously instructed Jack how to put the boxes together.
Hangzhou 023

... Jack gives it a try...
Hangzhou 027

... and SUCCESS!  The first box is COMPLETE.  Ok Jack, now only 8 more hours of the workday to go.  Keep moving, the conveyer belt stops for no man!
  Hangzhou 037

Next, Jack instructed his brother about the finer points of box-construction.Hangzhou 038

Next, it was Peter's turn to give it a try...
Hangzhou 043

WHEW!  After putting together 2 boxes, it was time for a COFFEE BREAK!  Damiano of course had his Italian sized cappuccino, next to Jack with his American sized cup of coffee.
Hangzhou 067

A big thanks to Damiano for letting us come visit his factory!  I'm sure production crawled to a fraction of its normal pace with the Lewises in the way.  Sue and the boys really enjoyed their tour of a real factory!

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