Monday, June 2, 2008

Graduation Day

Our friend Qiu Dan Ling "Anita" graduated today, so we made the trip out to campus to see her get her picture taken.  There is no graduation ceremony, likely due to the number of people. Instead, students line up for their classes'  turn to get their picture taken by the professional photographer.  Each group hastily throws off their robe and hat, and gives it to a student in the next group for their picture, so the robes get a lot of use throughout the day!  I snuck in behind the professional photographer for the money shot...

Hangzhou 013

... and the celebration shot!
Hangzhou 018

Staging a kiss of Anita's cheeks by Peter and Jack.  They were good sports, although Jack would NOT let his lips touch her skin :)  You can only ask an 11 year old to do so much.
Hangzhou 047

Taking a serious shot with the graduate...
Hangzhou 041

... and now for something a little less formal!
Hangzhou 043

This was the next group of kids getting their picture taken; I'm not sure why they weren't in robes - just another mystery of China.
Hangzhou 055

This taking of photos will be going on for several days to get through everyone - hopefully the weather will cooperate!

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