Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Children's Art in Hangzhou

Sue spent the day with Anita and Rebecca, and they went to the Hangzhou Museum, and the temple above Wushan Square.  Next to the museum entrance were 8 wells, where people could come and get water.  No caps, no screens, just 2 meters down and you see water!

Hangzhou 023

LEFT: We hiked up this temple - 4 long flights of stairs which Rebecca and Anita, of course, did in their high heels. This must be a remnant of foot binding :).  RIGHT: After seeing them do it, Jack wanted to give it a go, so they switched shoes!  He managed to climb up and down the stairs ok, but they had to give him a lesson on how do do it elegantly.
Hangzhou 050 Hangzhou 046

On the third floor of the temple there's a charming little teahouse overlooking Hangzhou.  Peter said it was like sitting in a cloud.  This temple costs about 30 yuan to get in, but we enjoyed it!
 Hangzhou 040  

LEFT: The gardens outside of the temple, and RIGHT:  Jack being, well... Jack!
Hangzhou 047  Hangzhou 051

Inside the Hangzhou museum was a children's exhibition from ZJKM Art School ( with entries from 5 years old, on up!  The kid that did this picture was about 9 years old - amazing detail!
 Hangzhou 054

Sue really wanted the picture below because it represents our time in China so well.  A white family is on a famous bridge on West Lake, being welcomed by Chinese people, which has happened to us countless times!  The museum attendant told us we could buy the pictures, and Sue asked if she could buy this one.  Unfortunately, it was already sold!  Sue chose another, but when she went back today to pick it up, they had called the previous buyer and told them an American family was interested and could they please buy it back.  When Sue came to pick it up, the school's headmaster was ready with the re-acquired art piece and took a picture of Sue holding it.
   Hangzhou 055

We chose a few souvenirs to take back home, and here is a stone carver working on one of them!
Hangzhou 056

Lastly, Sophie's school was picking peaches, and they gave us some to eat - delicious!  The guy on the right, Sophie calls "Her Boy!"  Whenever we see him she says, "There goes my boy!!"  He's a very nice guy who is great with the kids.
Hangzhou 057  Hangzhou 058


Anonymous said...

Hi Lewis's
I see sophia has her a boy friend
now how sweet! I will miss reading about your adventures but I know your probably ready to come home now.
Enjoy your time remaining in china.

Bob & Amy said...

So cool that you got to buy that painting afterall. What a great representation of your time there. Spring love is in the house here - Andrew has a crush on a girl Mia in his class which is a bit distracting for everyone involved. Lucy has her boyfriend Pom Marshall over for two weeks. He gets amorous advances from her nightly... Thanks for the wonderful Birthday & Anniversary wishes. WE had a great time & celebrated at the EDVP auction. Great fun. My mom hit on the firefighters, it was insane... Dad ripped up her bid card after she bought a cruise & a trip to Vegas. Hysterical...
Love, you guys!