Saturday, June 14, 2008

Goodbye Party for Sue

On Friday night, we went out to campus for a goodbye party with some of Sue's students.  Sue said goodbye to two of her classes...

Hangzhou 009

We ordered a 6 foot long Subway sandwich and fed it to the students which they really enjoyed (devoured!) - especially since most of them had missed dinner to be there!

These are all Freshman English majors, and the majority of them are girls - I counted 4 boys - here are two  of them on the right...Hangzhou 003

 Hangzhou 018  

Hangzhou 023

Hangzhou 024
They all look so YOUNG!
Hangzhou 025

A Chinese party is of course completely different from an American party.  At a Chinese party, the attendees fall into 2 categories, either audience member or performer - sometimes both.  The guests of honor (in this case, Sue) are expected to do some type of performance to entertain the crowd; so we got there, and WHAT TO DO?

Sue and I sang a few camp songs, and taught them Row, Row, Row Your Boat which we sang in the round.  Then they lined up and did a "Bunny Dance" around the room, to music...
Hangzhou 033

... around the room they go...
Hangzhou 036

Here's Sue, being a part of the Bunny Line...
Hangzhou 042

I also recounted my first date with Sue which was a good human interest story for this crowd of (mostly) freshman girls. 

Once the guest of honor performs, then other people get up on stage and do their performances.  One boy sung a song to Sue.  Another 4 girls lip-synced and danced, and then there was a pass-the-microphone karaoke session.
Hangzhou 052 Hangzhou 054

It was fun to see Sue with all of her students - they really love her and wrote many sweet sentiments to her.  She will miss them too!


Anonymous said...

Oh Sue. what a wonderful tribute to you! I know your certainly deserved it! Such FUN! Love, Kathy

Anonymous said...

It looks like the students are really good group from the pictures. Sue will do another teaching exchange program in the future maybe when sophies older!
Seems like this might be your calling you never know!
Have fun!

Bob & Amy said...

Wow - what an incredible send off, Sue. It is so great that you were able to bond so much with your students. Great job!! There will be some hard good byes in a few weeks...