Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tsingtao's 'til Home

We're getting close now!  Sue created a pyramid of Tsingtao beer cans until we go home, and as you can see, we have 10 days left.  This has generally been our beer of choice here - it's the most popular brand, and in my opinion, the best tasting. 

Hangzhou 003

While I was at school giving a final test today, Sophie and Jack were having a lazy pajama morning.
Hangzhou 001

Eventually, Sophie went off to school, and Peter and Sue went out to have a British tea service with our friend Stefania.  One thing Peter loves about Hangzhou is the greenery, and it has only gotten greener since all of the rain we've had lately - this is Hangzhou's rainy season.  Peter stood in front of a wall of ivy attached to a brick building, which he though was pretty cool.
  Hangzhou 010

The building was covered with ivy!
Hangzhou 011

Peter and Sue went to tea at the Rose House with Stefania, and besides tea, they had quite a dessert spread.
 Hangzhou 012

Peter and Stefania hung out in the rose house with the tea, the decorative British surroundings and the desserts.  Yum!
Hangzhou 013


Anonymous said...

Wishing you a safe trip home and
happy last days in China.
Curious in USA

Anonymous said...

I SEE YOUR YEAR LONG JOURNEY IS COMING TO AN END IN CHINA! I HOPE YOU HAVE HAD A GREAT TIME AND CHEERISHED EVERY MONENT OF IT! I will miss reading about your adventure blog it has inspired me to look at maybe traveling and teaching over seas one day! Boy I will miss you guys! and your beautiful picures and wonderful family! Have a safe trip back to the US.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

Can't believe you are down to your last ten days! I bet the boys are thrilled to be coming home soon. :) I hope your last Chinese days are filled with lots of fun and good memories!

Hey Tim, Looks like you are going to make your goal of 30,000 hits before coming home! That is truly amazing!!

Love, Cara

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is David Moran and I'm Jerry's son, when I heard you were in china making a blog I just had to see. So I just wanted to say hi Tim!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lewis Family -- we too have ten days until we leave on the 30th (or is it 9?!?) Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed the blogging of our kindred spirits such as you all very much, and especially envied Tim his fantastic photos. All the best to you guys, maybe cross paths some day ?!?!
Ann in Xiamen