Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Many Seasons of West Lake

While I taught, Sue, Peter, Jack and Stefania rode to West Lake, today.  The lotus plants were in full bloom and Sue took many shots of them for future painting inspiration!

Hangzhou 003

So much new growth on the lake!  In the winter time, all of this is trimmed down to brown stalks that are below the water line.  What a difference a few months makes!
Hangzhou 012
Near the lake is a small rock garden that they wandered through, off of Beishan Lu.
Hangzhou 006

Stefania, Jack and Peter, stopping for a rest.
Hangzhou 013 

Tomorrow after Sue finishes class we get on the bus to Ningbo, about a 2 hour ride from here.  We'll do a quick tour of the town and visit our friend "Anita" who works there now.  Expect a couple of days until I get around to blogging again!

Last but  not least, here's a little video of Sophie doing a dance she learned at school:

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Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Loved the video of Sophie!!! Guess my Chinese granddaughter will have to teach me some Chinese when she comes home. Pete and I had a great trip to Southern AZ!!! Your car is fabulous and I'm totally in love with it. I got caught up on all the blogs. What a joy to come home to and see. So looking forward to your homecoming! Love to each of you! Grandma Kapi