Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kissing the Kitty

We went to breakfast and Sue found a little kitten running around in the open-air store, obviously a stray!  Although I expounded dramatically upon IMG_4361the possible microbes, heavy metals, parasites, and other health hazards that she would expose us all to by touching this bedraggled kitten, she picked it up anyway.

Though I admire Sue's loving nature and her ability to see past external flaws (perhaps that's what allowed her to marry me), I still maintain that stray Chinese street animals should be left alone.  Thank goodness we came to a compromise that she would pick up the cat but Sophie would only look at it. 

I shuddered when Sue not only cradled the kitten in her arms, but stroked it and then KISSED it on its head and face.  YECH!  I thought I would go home immediately to check that our medical insurance was paid up, or at least buy her some peroxide... hmm, how to say that in Chinese?

Sue put the kitten down, finally, to wait for the bus, and as we were waiting some Chinese guy spit on the street behind us.  The cat ran over and lapped it up with gusto, as we watched in horror and disgust!  I don't know if this revulsion will stop Sue from picking up stray animals, but hopefully it will give her pause the next time she exposes herself to one! 


Anonymous said...

Oh Tim, it must be the Weatbrook in her that makes her fondle stray animals! I have worried about Randy getting bitten, lice, mange or worse! Did you make her wash her hands and face before you kissed her? tee hee Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Haha, she kissed a cat? We just got a cat named kappa. Chris V.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sue,

I also would not have been able to resist that stray kitten. All three of the cats that now live with us at one time were strays. Now clean and healthy.


Bob & Amy said...

Classic Sue story...keep em coming