Monday, June 9, 2008

Rainy Bamboo Forest

Monday is a state holiday in China, for the Dragon Boat Festival.  Today was extremely rainy, but I convinced everyone to leave our small apartment and go experience the bamboo forest in the rain!  We loaded up on umbrellas and a raincoat for Sophie - after a few "aww, Dad" and "Do we HAFTA?" cries of anguish, we made it out the door by 11:30.

We wandered down this dark, misty path in the downpour, and we all commented that we felt like we were in some Chinese movie!


Jack and Sue going without an umbrella, briefly, for the sake of the shot.

The exit from the bamboo forest, so GREEN and WET! 

Peter loved being out in the misty, green forest and watching the water stream down the hills.

A little blurry, but I there are few shots of just Sue and I so I thought I'd include this one for posterity's sake.
We all came home soaked to the bone, although we had a good day in the rain.


yueliang said...

Hi Tim!
I am yueliang from Japan. I have studied Chinese in Tianjin, China in 1998. I guess that's how I got here to your nice blog. Your pictures are all so incredibly beautiful! (I am also a Nikon user-D50 and lovin' it!)Looking forward to your future posts!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue and family - Rain...haven't seen that in a while and honestly i'm not sad. :) It's gorgeous here and i'm loving the Prescott weather. Went camping yesterday at Granite Basin and had a great time - the kids slept all night and didn't want to leave. Hoping i have a partner in adventure in Sue when you all get back. There are so many places to explore!
Can't wait for you to get home...Jude