Sunday, September 30, 2007

Workin' the Weekend

This weekend were workdays for Sue and I.  We have Oct 1 - 9 off, and there are a couple of days off in November, so the whole country works on Saturday 9/29 and Sunday 9/30 to make up the difference. 

Sue had class yesterday, and I had class today.  I was amazed to see nearly 100% attendance on a Sunday!  One of my students left early due to her brother's wedding in her hometown over the upcoming holiday, but nearly everyone else was in attendance!

Even Sophie had school today (Sunday) but we kept her home since she has the sniffles, for a day of recuperation before we go to Xi'an tomorrow.

While Sue had class, I had a home day with the boys, and while I had class today, Sue took Sophie out and bought herself some clothes.  She is definitely becoming more adventurous and her Chinese is getting better!

She loves her Chinese classes.  Her teachers are very patient with her and tonight she and Sophie went out BY THEMSELVES, IN A CAB to find us dinner since our ayi isn't working this weekend.  She would gladly have worked but it just seemed cruel to me! 

Sue went to the local Starbucks and her class today, which are both in the same 18 story building.  To her amazement, she found this beautiful park - where?  on top of the building!

 Hangzhou 002


 Hangzhou 003

We have seen this scene a lot - restaurant (or store) staff lined up while they receive direction from their manager.  It looks like some kind of pep talk right before opening.

Hangzhou 005 

They went to the bookstore today, too.  So much for that HOME day so Sophie could relax :).  Here she is with two other girls that played with her in the store while Sue shopped.

Hangzhou 006

Sophie is making rapid progress in Chinese.  She says, Good Morning, Goodbye, Hello, I don't want it, and can count to 12 now!

Tomorrow we take a taxi to the airport, hop a plane for the 4 hour ride to Xi'An and will spend the next 5 days there.

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