Friday, September 14, 2007

Foot Massage Day!

Today we Alexis, Sue and I went to a fabulous foot massage, which basically included your whole body.  For about $12, you get 80 minutes of massage plus lunch!  We had a great time!

Hangzhou 030

Outside the Foot Massage place, there is a shopping district with all kind of things.  This little stall was selling calligraphy and art supplies.

Hangzhou 046

... more scenes at the market.  Lots of souvenirs and antiques.  I saw a sword shop for Jack that I will definitely have to bring him back to.  They were very scary and impressive looking!

Hangzhou 047 Hangzhou 048 Hangzhou 051 Hangzhou 058Hangzhou 054 Hangzhou 055

 Hangzhou 056  Hangzhou 061All kind of fancy kites, hangings, paintings and other craft work to be had here!  Overwhelming to see all of the goods for sale.  Sue got a nice purse for about $3 US.

There was a Nepalise purse for about $20 US but Sue thought Sophie would get it dirty so she passed it up.  I think she will change her mind about it soon!


This man was shading himself from the sun.  As I have commented before, being white here is in - you don't want to get too tan from the sun.  Many women carry umbrellas to avoid the sun.

Hangzhou 060  Hangzhou 062

Sue by the Laughing Buddha.

Hangzhou 063

In case a fire breaks out in the market, here is the fire engine.  You provide the engine.

Hangzhou 064

There was a flower and bird market in the building where we had the foot massages and we went through the displays...

Hangzhou 065 Hangzhou 070 There were lots of critters for sale in cages that are TINY - just barely the size of the animal.  Sue wanted to buy them all, but I had to put my foot down, because I KNEW who would be taking care of it, and who would be smelling it in our small apartment.  I suppose we could raise them and resell them on the street for a profit.  Chinese 4H club!

Life much less precious for critters here than the US.


Sue loved holding the Guinea Pigs.  They did leave little brown presents in her hand however.

Hangzhou 076

The boys got out of school today at 2:30pm so they were happy to have a short day and both came home smiling.

Sophie's day goes longer today - 4pm.  Not sure why her schedule changed, but I am in the dark about a lot of things around here!  I received a text message from her school which I had to have translated.  There is a Parents' Meeting tonight at her school.  I'm going to go but I'll just be the dumb foreigner who doesn't understand anything, so I'm hoping one of the parents will know some English and befriend me.

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