Friday, September 28, 2007

Meeting My Students

Today I taught for 4 hours so I had to get up early to catch the 6:30 bus for the 1 hour ride to school.  The sun was still low in the sky; it never gets as bright as Arizona due the pollution here.

Hangzhou 023 Hangzhou 026 Some of my students invited me to a delicious lunch today!  After lunch the plan was to go to their dorms (pictured left),and pick up some bicycles, then ride to see the Tidal Bore again on the Qiantang River near the university where there are some good viewing spots.  Unfortunately we were a few minutes too late so we didn't get to see it today!

However, we did have a nice lunch and a nice bike ride around Xiasha which houses 26 universities!


These are some shots of their dorms which are numerous!  The post-graduates have only 2 to a room, but the undergrads are 5 or 6 to a room!

Hangzhou 027

Here are my students (the 3 boys), and one of my student's sister, Ling, who came with us.  Her English was very good!

Hangzhou 028


Hangzhou 029

Ling skipped 3 classes to come with us, to practice her English and see the Tidal Bore.  We didn't get to see the tidal bore but she did get lots of English practice!

Hangzhou 031

Some snack food that was available - they looked yummy!

Hangzhou 033

Next to the river was this posting:  Danger, don't go beyond the gate!  Many people each year are killed by coming too close to the tidal bore to get a good look!

Hangzhou 034 Hangzhou 036My students couldn't believe I was taking a picture of this old man bombing down the road on his scooter, but I thought he was very interesting looking!








This man was selling some kind of citrus fruit that looked like grapefruit.  It was SO hot that it must have been cooked inside :)

Hangzhou 038Another snack - baked sweet potatoes.  They bought me a sweet potato that is cooked inside this coal fired drum.  It tasted very good!   They were very good bargainers, checking to make sure the seller's scale was level!

Hangzhou 041

Some of the coal that is used to cook the sweet potatoes.

Hangzhou 043

... and Ling, eating her sweet potato.  Yum!

Hangzhou 045

I made it back tonight to see Sue for 10 minutes and she headed out the door to be a guest at a friend's English class at a different university in town.  I'm sure she'll have a great time!

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