Monday, September 10, 2007

A Visit to Jiliang University

Today I was summoned to Jiliang University by cell phone text message where I was to meet with the old professor - or Dean of the Graduate Studies department, along with 3 or 4 other staff.  They were waiting for me when I arrived from the bus, and wanted to discuss how I was going to evaluate students for placement into my beginning or advanced English classes.

Here is the entrance way to the administration building.  Very clean and modern!

Jiliang 007 

The entrance way to the University - they need to get rid of the cheesy blow up arch I think!

Jiliang 008

A couple of ponds in the center of campus.  The campus serves about 15,000 students.  The big monolithic building in the background is the library.

Jiliang 011

This is the building I teach in - I got to see my classroom today!  It will be cozy for 40 students!  I have 4 classes with 30 - 40 students, about 136 students in all.

Jiliang 012

No idea what this is!  Some kind of art work, copies of which are sprinkled throughout the campus.  Maybe it's a light?  I'll let you know.

Jiliang 013 

Here's the outside of the administration building...

Jiliang 014

A shot of one of the many dorms across the street.  Four to six kids per room gets a bit crowded, I'm sure!

Jiliang 015

Another shot of the library from down the University promenade.

Jiliang 016

I lucked out on the office!  I get my own private office that is nearly 300 sq. feet.  It's positively expansive!  I feel very guilty as all of the other teachers have to share offices.  I even have my own sleeping chair they said I could use for naps!  I locked the door today and tried it out.

Jiliang 004

... and here's the view out of my office window.  Sweet!

Jiliang 005

Another nice view from my building.

Jiliang 006

Just for fun, a map of the campus.  Rats!  Another map, all in Chinese!

Jiliang 017

Sue swaddled the boys in their blankets just like when they were babies.  They loved it!  She gave them a foot massage tonight too so they are getting very spoiled, but they deserve it after a long day of Chinese school.

Jiliang 001

Sue in our little main bathroom.

Jiliang 002 

Aah, Sophie's asleep!  Peace at last!

Jiliang 003

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Bob & Amy said...

Wow - what a beautiful campus & office with a view. Better view than from your apt! Maybe you could all move into your office! I liked the Peter & Jack cocoons. Glad the swaddle technique still works. The campus is beautiful. When students from China come to study in America, they must be shocked at how run down & ancient looking some of our schools are! Love you guys - The Mahers