Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Climbing Wushan Mountain and World Cup Soccer

Peter needed a day to recuperate from his cold so he stayed home from school, and Sue stayed home most of the day with him.

Hangzhou 042 

I went out to the Police Security Bureau this AM to finally get our 1 year residency permits for all 5 of us.  2000 RMB and a trip to Shanghai later, success!

Next I went down the next street exploring and found a wonderful shopping district with street performers.  This guy was signing in a falsetto voice and playing his cymbal. 

Hangzhou 011

Seemed like a tourist area for other Chinese - no other Westerners and it was very interesting to look in the shops.  Cheap souvenirs, antiques, jade, silk, paintings - you name it!

Hangzhou 012

What shopping center isn't complete without its own laughing Buddha?

Hangzhou 013 

Another street performer who was wowing the crowds with his magic tricks.

Hangzhou 014 Hangzhou 016

From the shopping center, I saw a beautiful temple up on a hill.  I wanted to see if I could get to it although I didn't know anything about it, so I started walking!  Turns out it is called Wushan Mountain, or 'Town God Mountain.'

Here's the gorgeous temple that was on top.  Since I had come all this way, I thought surely I should hike to the top of the temple.  When I got inside, I found that it had been retrofitted with an elevator!  Sweet!

Hangzhou 041

Wushan Mountain, covered with trees, right in the middle of downtown!

Hangzhou 032

Very nice pathway to the temple.  I saw a sign that said the temple had been relocated here in 1189.  Got to make way for progress!

Hangzhou 027   Hangzhou 036 Hangzhou 037 

Then I hopped in a taxi and headed home to pick up Sophie.

Sophie was in school until 3:15 - she slept 1/2 hour at school so she was fairly energetic tonight

Hangzhou 047 

Some friends gave us 2 tickets to a FIFA World Cup International Women's soccer match.  It was a double-header, but Jack only wanted to stay for the first game.  It was a match between Ghana and Australia and was very exciting.  Australia won, 4 - 1.

Hangzhou 051 

We looked in the stadium store for munchies, and look what we found - duck tongues!  Yum!

Hangzhou 053 

Some of the Ghana Booster Club!  Strange faces to see in China!

Hangzhou 054 

... and here's Pete, ready for the game to start!

Hangzhou 055  

Jack was in school until 4:30 again today, and we left for the soccer match before he came home.  He REALLY didn't want to go to school today but he came home in a good mood.  We're on Day 41 in China and everyone is doing great!

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Anonymous said...

Ni hao -ma?!!!

This is Kim Beauchamp. My mother Leanne and I are writing from Doris' computer since we're on our annual trip up here in Washington to say hello. Sorry that we missed y'all, but we are so happy to hear that you're doing well. Good luck in the orient (I just returned myself from a year in Taiwan!!!)

Lots of Love,
Kim and Leanne Beauchamp