Sunday, September 2, 2007

A bicycle built for groceries?

Today it was back to the market for some school supplies; backpacks, pencil boxes and such.  The other Chinese kids also wear USB drives around their necks; but we're not sure yet whether this is required for school or whether it's just a fad.  We'll have to ask around! 

Peter and Jack stayed back in the apartment after I drilled them on emergency procedures, who to call, where to go, etc.  They felt like having a home day as they are both nervous about going back to school tomorrow for an all-Chinese day!

I wasn't watching Sue carefully enough, so she bought WAY too much food and other stuff, and we had a hard time fitting it all on our two bicycles; a blow up mattress, a foot pump, a dozen eggs, several fruits and vegetables, a large bottle of orange juice, two new backpacks and many other items.  We managed to stuff most of the stuff into the new backpacks and wear them, but we were a funny sight!  Loading up the bikes:

Hangzhou 096

Here's a shot of the courtyard of the school where the boys will be going tomorrow.  Sophie will also be going to her preschool and she is very excited to go.  So is Sue!

Hangzhou 025 

Here's the area at our apartment where we park and lock our bikes.  We have 6 bike locks between us and we chain them all together through the bikes.  It takes us about 5 minutes to unlock everybody, but better than having them stolen!

Hangzhou 092 

My key ring, which is bigger than the one I carry at home!  I have 4 bike lock keys and 2 apartment keys on it!

Hangzhou 094 

This lock we just keep chained to the pole so that we can pull up and lock!  Convenient!

Hangzhou 095  Hangzhou 100

Here's a fish dish we had yesterday with a sweet and sour sauce - it was delicious!  We have had this previously when we came to get Sophie and we enjoyed seeing it on the menu again!  Someone told me the translation is "squirreled fish", I suppose that is the type of cut that is done.

Hangzhou 195

Tomorrow we go back to the security bureau to get some paperwork straightened out, which will be much easier to do since we won't have any kids with us!  Tuesday I will likely go to Shanghai to get the additional paperwork that is needed.

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