Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ducks and Chickens

Today was a rest day for us which was really relaxing.  We had naps and hung out until around 2pm, then we took a bike ride to West Lake.  Last night we went to Pizza Hut which was really delicious.  Pizza Hut here is really upscale and the pizza is excellent, unlike the pizza at Pizza Hut in the US which has gone downhill in recent years.

Here are the boys hanging out at Pizza Hut...

Hangzhou 005 

... A lit palm tree outside inspired Peter and Jack to hula.

Hangzhou 008 

We found a cotton candy vendor that we couldn't pass up.  This is the first time I ever haggled over a hunk of cotton candy!  We meandered down the boulevard and happened to see a Bellagio-style fountain show synchronized to music, with bats flying all over eating mosquitos in the warm autumn air.

Hangzhou 011 

We saw this guy on the way to Sophie's school, carrying live ducks and chickens to market.

Hangzhou 017 

Sophie is standing by her art that she has made in school, so proud to show Mom and Dad!

Hangzhou 018 

This is the notice that there was a parents' meeting last night at Sophie's school.  I went, though I understood very little.  Something about eating meals, something about somebody biting someone else, something about nap time, and something about their website and contacting them.  What exactly I'm not sure!  We're still in the dark about a lot of things but we figure they'll pull us aside and explain it again if it's important enough!

Hangzhou 019 

This is our friend George who Sophie hit it off with.  He owns a restaurant nearby and has been helpful in settling us.  He bought us dinner last night and introduced us to some other Westerners.

Hangzhou 023 

At West Lake after we have parked our bikes.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find a spot to wedge your bike in!

Hangzhou 027 

The boys now realize the secret motive for our bicycle ride to West Lake.  Coffee!  They got some ice cream out of the deal, too.

Hangzhou 028 

Relaxing and waiting for the ice cream to be served.

Hangzhou 031 

Sophie loved her Raspberry Cheesecake ice cream, mostly because it was pink, and I loved my latte!

Hangzhou 032 

A nice bystander took this of the 5 of us.  Usually I am strangling Jack, but in this case, we let the statue do it!

Hangzhou 034 

Here is Papa Duck followed by all of his baby ducks as we go down the road.  The boys are getting much better at paying attention and driving in a straight line.

Hangzhou 037 

Waiting for the light to change!

Hangzhou 045 

Tonight we went out with Alexis for her 23rd birthday.  8 of us were fed for about $30 US.  Not bad!  We had a delicious meal.  The dishes came to us hermetically sealed.  So clean! 

Hangzhou 050 

The best part was that we found a sitter who sat the kids from 7:00pm to 10:30pm.  It was lovely to go to dinner without them!

Alexis, Ashley and Ellen, all English teachers at our university.

Hangzhou 051 

A cold chicken dish that caught Sue's fancy because the head was still attached.  What a photogenic bird!

Hangzhou 052

Tomorrow we interview an ayi "auntie" to help with cooking and such around the house.  We'll let you know how it goes!

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