Friday, September 21, 2007

Baoshi Hill

While Tim was hard at work teaching incredible wisdom to his students today, Sue went out to see the sights by herself!

The first thing she noticed was the newspaper spread out at the bus stop, ready for public consumption! 

Hangzhou 010 

... and here we are at the entrance to Baoshi Hill, right in the center of the city!  There are many respites from city life sprinkled around the city.

Hangzhou 013

Baoshi Hill means 'Precious Stone Hill', because there are large free standing meteorites viewable on top of the hill, and other precious materials that were found.

 Hangzhou 015

There's a beautiful temple on the other side of the hill called Ma' nao temple that was originally built in the year 946.  It was destroyed and then rebuilt again in the Qing dynasty.

Hangzhou 019 Hangzhou 020

Love the Dragon's Back wall!

Hangzhou 024 Hangzhou 029

There are street sweepers everywhere picking up trash and leaves.  There are no leaves or pieces of litter on any of the bigger city streets, making things very clean looking.

Hangzhou 039 

If  you didn't look closely you might think this is a BMW.

Hangzhou 040 

But alas, it's a BYD!

Hangzhou 041 

We met Lauren tonight, another teacher that had gone through the Colorado China Council (pictured below in white).  We went out to a lovely dinner with Lauren, and her friends Anya and Judy, who are also English teachers.

Hangzhou 050

Meanwhile, Tim enjoyed another teaching day where he taught for 4 hours.  Tomorrow, Tim interviews another "ayi" to help with cooking, etc.

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