Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Tidal Bore

Today we visited the tidal bore, and I had the kids each write a summary of what happened and what it is:  Here is Peter's summary:

The Tidal Bore - By Peter Lewis

Every month or so, there is something that occurs in Hangzhou called a tidal bore. It is an amazing event where two powerful currents clash together with an awe-inspiring roar of foam. The gravity of the moon pulls the sea inland against the river’s current. As the sea invades there is a roar of water flooding all of the land unfortunate enough to get in the way. Many people die from this because they get too close from the designated viewpoints and drown. The tidal bore can grow to be up to 21 feet high at the best-case scenario. It is a great tourist attraction but to see it you’ll have to wait through the hot, sweaty afternoon to see the phenomenon.  No one knows exactly how long it’s been doing this and I don’t think the amazing spectacle will die out any time soon.

Here was Jack's summary:

Dear Dad,

I had a good time at the Tidal Bore.  I can not believe how high the water got on one side it got 20ft tall!!!  I really hope that next time we could go to the other side of the river and watch the Tidal Bore. Yet I think it may not have been worth the wait. Next time I hope we can go out a little later so we do not have to wait an hour to an hour and a half.  I really enjoyed spending time with you and Peter. I hope we can do this again!!!  I hope you enjoyed the Tidal Bore as much as I did.



We sat by the side of the river on this very HOT, SWEATY day, waiting for the "wave" to come up the river.  I took the boys out of school to see this "phenomenon" as Peter calls it, and hired a van to take us about an hour away up the river to see it.  On the spot we sat, the wave takes approximately 2 hours to make its way up the river!  This merchant selling tangerines made a lot of money off of us.  Although they are green they are great inside and they tasted so good.  He also had much-needed bottles of water for sale!

Hangzhou 015

Some Chinese Dad gave Peter this fan he made out of a plant stalk.  Peter loved it.  Jack drenched himself with his cold water to keep himself cool.

Hangzhou 016 Hangzhou 018

Yanzi giving Alexis some impromptu train schedule help as we wait for the wave to come...

Hangzhou 020

And then, off in the distance, we SEE IT!  A huge wave coming up the river at about 25 mph!

Hangzhou 041

It's about 6 - 8 feet high and it's tearing up the bank.

Hangzhou 042

We are standing on a road above a sea wall and the wave is raging toward it.

Hangzhou 049

... and here is the wave, making all kinds of noise as it rushes up the Qiantang River.  Depending on the bank and the riverbed, the wave can be over 20 feet high!

Hangzhou 055

... and there it goes, fighting against the oncoming current of the river!  The tide is extremely powerful and sometimes people stand in the wrong spot.  Further upstream 8 people were killed last month by being overcome by the water!  So, Mr. Adventure-Dad had to turn back into Mr. Safety-Dad had to make sure we were in a safe spot!

Hangzhou 057Alexis, another teacher, and our friend Yanzi  who organized the trip.

Hangzhou 062 Hangzhou 063Jack designated himself as the sole orange and water bottle carrier.

He was hot but he had a good time, especially because he was missing school to go!







... and here are the kids with our ayi Xiao Xu.  She made another TASTY dinner for us tonight - a beef and peppers dish, a pork and bamboo shoots dish, a mushroom and egg soup, and a beans and garlic dish, and pork and bok choy filled dumplings.  All were yummy!  She also cleaned the house spotless and did our washing.  We love her!

Hangzhou 064

Sue taught today so she missed out, but we may have another chance tomorrow to go with my students.  We'll see!  


Bob & Amy said...

I loved catching up on your blog after our trip to NY. My parents loved having Lucy and when I called them to pick her up, my dad said "I'll meet you, but I won't give the dog back. We are keeping her". Apparantly they fell under her spell as well & I had to wrestle her out of his arms at the drop off place! Peter & Jack, you are very articulate writers & I look forward to more blog entries from you! LOVE the new auntie, so glad she is taking such good care of you! Good luck on the bike shopping. Get Sue a good RED bike with turbo locking system. We miss you guys!! Love, The Mahers

Catherine said...

Glad you enjoyed the tidal bore - looks like it was very interesting - and Peter and Jack I enjoyed your stories describing the experience.

Love the blog Tim - thanks for putting in the effort.

Judy Strickler said...

Hey dudes and dudets -
Looks like you guys had a great day. Very cool opportunity to see a tidal bore - I've never even heard of one. Learned something new today. :) We're all doing well here, nothing too exciting but well none the less. The weather has changed to fall and we're enjoying the cool weather. It sounds like you guys are enjoying the weather there :). We'll be in touch -