Monday, September 24, 2007

An Ayi is Hired!

Today I taught my class again - lesson 2 today, a pronunciation and reading lesson.  I also received back the students' paragraph homework and thought -ugh, what did I do??? It takes a LONG time to correct 140 essays!  Some were quite humorous.  One young lady talked about the end of her last class - they celebrated the end of the class by playing a game of basketball with their teacher.  She said she played so hard that her "face was as red as a monkey's ass."  I laughed my head off on that one! 

Sue went to the fabric market today and saw loads of fabrics but didn't find the seamstresses that were used to a Western clientele so she didn't get anything.  It was also quite a ways away and she needed to get back for Sophie and to let the ayi in.

Our ayi (which means "auntie"), started today and so far she's terrific!  She bought groceries, cleaned, did laundry, and cooked us dinner, which was delicious!  Sue gave Sophie and the boys some extra attention that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise and I had a happy wife when I got home.  She comes for about 20 hours a week and it costs about US $115 per month.    Having her come clean and cook is much cheaper than going out every night as we have done up to this point.  Such a deal!

Hiring the ayi was quite a challenge.  I met her at a local restaurant and she doesn't speak ANY English.  So I had to use my broken Chinese to explain to her what we do and don't like to eat, what household duties I wanted her to do, and negotiate a monthly rate.  Then I led her back here on our bicycles to show her around, and the deal was done!

She has a nice manner about her and she got along well with Sue today, and Sue managed to communicate with her by pantomiming.  I would have liked to have seen that!   :)

There wasn't much to take pictures of today so here are some extras from our excursion to Hefang street, the Chinese Medicine Museum and West Lake yesterday...

Hangzhou 134 Hangzhou 135 Hangzhou 138 Hangzhou 145 Hangzhou 147

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Judy Strickler said...

Good evening Lewis'. I have to admit that looking at your blog makes me tired. I'm very impressed that you all are out and about so much - way to absorb all that is around you! I hope you guys get some rest and relaxation on your time off!
We're doing well here. Balin left for Seattle today for another 10 days, hopefully he'll be home by the end of the month. We're looking forward to it. The kids and i are doing well though. We went to Sweettarts with Balin this morning for breakfast and coffee - and of course french pastries - yum. Tomorrow we're back to our regular routine. The high school kids are on break next week so i'm hoping to get some help with the kids, maybe i can get a ride or two in across the street.
Best go to bed - love you all!