Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Sleepy Saturday

Hangzhou 013Peter and Jack woke up Saturday morning to a very nice surprise.  Amy and Bob M. came to their rescue during our night and bought them a membership to the computer game, Runescape.  Because we're in China, it wouldn't accept our credit card so we were very frustrated!

Thanks Amy and Bob, Peter and Jack are in Computer Heaven!!



While Sue was out on her bike,she snapped a pic of this lady riding on her scooter with her dog.  Little dogs are quite popular here, especially with older women.

Hangzhou 015 

Sue met these 3 college girls about 2 weeks ago and they have been helping her learn Chinese.  They don't speak much English, and they are very patient with her, so they are helping her a lot.  They also love to play with Sophie.  Possible baby-sitting material?  I think so!

Hangzhou 016 Sophie at the playground, cheesing for the camera.

Hangzhou 028 

We found a nice little hole-in-the-wall noodle shop where you pick your fresh produce and give it to the cook and they make a bowl of soup out of it for you.  Dee-lish!  Everyone loved it.

Hangzhou 031 

Lunch for the 5 of us was only $3 US, however, next we saw a Starbucks so we stopped there and spent $20 US on coffee and cheesecake!  So much for saving money :). 

Hangzhou 036 

Peter and Jack enjoying a panini and cheesecakes.

Hangzhou 038 

"Hey, where's the cup-holder on this thing??"

Hangzhou 039

Sue, Sophie and I wore our rain gear on our outings today but the boys wanted to go without and get wet.  Crazy kids! 

 Hangzhou 040

... and here we are at an intersection waiting for a light; and Peter is practicing being an 11 year old.  It's the perfect chance to have another sip of latte!  It's amazing how comfortable these rain ponchos are.  They are the perfect cut to go over a bicycle and attach to the basket in front, so you stay amazingly dry in all kinds of weather.

Hangzhou 041 

Sue ended up getting a flat, so here is her bike in the shop.

Hangzhou 042 

This is our local bike repair shop that we have stopped at to fix a seat, tighten a bolt, etc.This guy expertly slipped the tube out of the tire WITHOUT taking the wheel off, ran it through a pan of water and patched the tube's hole in less than 2 minutes!  Total cost, about  30 cents, US! 

Hangzhou 044

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Bob & Amy said...

So happy that the Runescape thing worked out & that everyone got to celebrate at Starbucks. That is my kind of day baby!!!