Sunday, January 6, 2008

Traffic-cone Father and Son

In our constant search for warmer clothing, we went to northern Hangzhou today where we visited the Decathlon Megastore, which has clothing and sporting equipment of all types.  We saw ping pong tables, tennis racquets, sailing equipment, fly fishing rods, hiking and camping equipment and much more. We filled our shopping basket to overflowing with clothing and spent about $200 US.  I'm waiting in the checkout line below as Sophie tries out a scooter which she REALLY wanted (tantrum time!)
Hangzhou 002

Here's Sophie on the scooter that she really enjoyed riding around the store, and (RIGHT) Jack and I in our new day-glo orange sweatshirts.  Now we'll be even easier to find in all of those high population areas.  Jack says it looks like we escaped from prison :).
Hangzhou 001  Hangzhou 003

Tomorrow is the first day of our last week of teaching, then we have an 8 week break.  Yahoo!

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