Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Heading back to Hangzhou

With a sniffle and a tear we checked out of our gorgeous hotel rooms WITH HEAT in Shanghai and made our way back to the train station for the ride back to Hangzhou.  It's hard to go to Shanghai for just 2 nights as there is so much to do and see, but it was nice to have a change of scene.

Sue snapped this as we were wandering through the station to our gate. The intrepid Lewis clan on the move! The Shanghai South train station is such a white, clean, and WARM sparkling place!  We also found a wonderful Italian restaurant there, where we enjoyed a scrumptious pasta lunch.
Shanghai 042

Once on the platform, Sophie ran up to see the front of the train.  We're in the background shouting, "Sophie, get back behind the white line!!"
Shanghai 045

The skies in Shanghai and Hangzhou were particularly blue today, and it was fairly cold; 40 degrees perhaps.  We enjoyed the clear sunny day, and got back to our apartment this afternoon to find it had lost so much heat!    Usually we have our 3 heaters running continuously - but turned off it was about the same temperature as outside.  It has taken quite awhile to raise the temperature in here again with these thick cement walls and thin single-pane glass windows!

Coming back to the freezing cold apartment weighed on everyone's spirits; especially after having been in those two huge rooms in Shanghai (bigger than our apartment).  Then Sue went out to get us some dinner and she saw a man riding a bike that had only a torn up wind-breaker and rubber shoes on with no socks!  BRRR!  Somehow that made us feel better!


Koala Gal said...

welcome back to China!!!

Happy New year 2008!

Julie said...

I don't really understand how the Chinese people are thin and warm at the same time! I do remember when you were so hot when you first arrived-try to recall that for awhile. It's cold here in Prescott too, if that's any consolation (of course, not in my house...) Sorry, not too much help so far away. Any fireworks on your birthday, Sue?