Sunday, January 13, 2008

Long Sheng Hot Springs

At 8 am this morning we left our apartment, jumped into a taxi, and had an hour drive to the Hangzhou airport.  Next came a 2 hour flight to Guilin, and finally, a 3 1/2 hour ride in the minivan below over harrowing,  curvy, mountainous roads under construction, with our tour guide, Michael and his driver.

Hangzhou 001

We saw our new favorite fruit, the pomello on the side of the road, so we asked the driver to pull over  - had to get some!
Guilin 111
We arrived at the Long Sheng Hot Springs Hotel about 4pm and we were very ready to be there!
Hangzhou 004

It was very cold, perhaps 35 degrees and very damp, but we wandered out anyway to see some of the sights. 
 Hangzhou 005
The hot springs looks very inviting but they wouldn't let me take any shots of it because people might be in their bathing suits!  The springs include many pools, including one with tiny fish, that nibble at your skin.  According to the sign, "Living in hot spring water, joy fish can peck the aged horny layer, bacteria and pore excreta from people who enter the spring pool.  In doing so it helps to keep the pores free and draw the waste and poison out of the body..." 
Hangzhou 009

So we'll get into the pool tomorrow with our bacteria-ridden skin and let you know if the poisons are appropriately extruded from our bodies by the small fishes, or not!


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Frederic @ kathleen Charriere said...

Hi Sue , Great site , beautiful journey , what a wonderful family experience , Hope to see you when you return.
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