Monday, January 28, 2008

Thailand Day 3 - Bangkok

Today we had the chance to go to the Bang-Pa In Palace, a palace grounds built by the 5th king of Thailand (they are currently on their 9th king).  The grounds were manicured and everything clean and sparkling.

Thailand 019

The scent of plumeria was in the air, as well as many other types of flowers.
Thailand 020

Thailand 030

We weren't allowed to take photographs inside the palace itself so I had to sneak this one of the reds and golds from outside.
Thailand 031

Outside of the palace building.
Thailand 033

Some of the artwork, depicting Chinese influence.
Thailand 038

... and a watch tower on the grounds, that Sue, Sophie and I climbed.
  Thailand 039 Thailand 043

... a view from the Watch tower window.
Thailand 044

... again from the watchtower window, looking back at the palace of King Rama 5.
Thailand 045

Sophie likes to entertain herself by munching on Grandma's gold necklace.  Maybe she's not getting enough vitamins!

 Thailand 055

Afterwards, Sue bought us some bananas to tide us over until lunch, and our tour guide, Pat, bought us some fried bananas and tarot.
Thailand 056

Next it was off to a temple grounds that was built more than 300 years ago, and then burned and marauded by other countries.  Here's some artwork we saw on the way in...

Thailand 057

The temple grounds were all built out of brick.  Work is underway now to restore these grounds but there's a long way to go.
Thailand 058

In old times, people would come steal the heads off of the Buddha statues, but this one was to big to carry off, so it was left here, where the roots of a Banyan tree grew around it!
Thailand 060

Another Buddha acting as a sentry to the temple behind.
Thailand 063

There were many of these structures on the temple grounds, together with the nice weather and flowering trees made it very pleasant!
Thailand 065

Here are the 3 boys, starting to slow down after a lot of walking and sight-seeing.
Thailand 069

Thailand 071

Linda, enjoying the sights!
Thailand 077

As we were traveling along the street, we saw an elephant walk by with (presumably) a tourist on board.
Thailand 081

These temples were once covered in gold, however marauders came and burned them which melted off all the gold.  It must have been something when they were in their prime!
Thailand 093

Everyone is starting to melt, so it's time for a little coconut milk refresher.
Thailand 097

More delicious smelling Plumeria...
Thailand 100

Sue climbed the STEEP steps of one of the structures...
Thailand 102 Thailand 103

From the top of the stairs, we could see this building which houses the biggest Buddha statue in Thailand.
Thailand 105

As we made our way there, Sue posed in front of this Plumeria tree.
Thailand 106

We found a vendor selling these small finches.  The custom is to let the finches go as an offering to Buddha and a promise to behave well towards others.
Thailand 109

Sophie was excited to open the door of the cage to let the birds out.
Thailand 111

The tallest statue of Buddha stands about 50 feet high.  Quite an impressive sight!
 Thailand 115 Thailand 121

There were other smaller Buddha images around the temple.  You can buy sheets of gold leaf and pound them onto the Buddha statues yourself.
Thailand 120

Some of the Buddha statues...  Thailand 123

Here's Jack, taking a break on one of the bridges over a canal.
Thailand 127

Next, we climbed aboard a boat on the Chao Phraya river, the main river through Bangkok that serves as transportation of goods and people and is a very busy place.  Many people live along the Chao Phraya, and we started a ways outside of Bangkok where there were some little houses.

Thailand 141 Thailand 146

Sue and Sophie enjoying the breeze on the top deck of the boat.
Thailand 159

A colorful speedboat with a small residence in the background...
Thailand 161  Thailand 165

Here's goofy Peter, sniffing Sue's Plumeria flower just a little too hard...
Thailand 166

... and mischievous little Sophie!
Thailand 173

A couple more temples along the river.  There are 400 temples in Bangkok alone, and more than 35,000 in Thailand!
Thailand 178 Thailand 182

A colorful little ferry passing us by...
Thailand 185

Some housing along the river, as we get closer to the city.
Thailand 187

Here's the shot of a hotel in the distance.  I liked the uniformity of all of the rooms - such a contrast to the picture above! 
 Thailand 197

Another speedboat passing us by in the late afternoon.
 Thailand 200

... and looking back down the river.  The white building in the center in the distance is the Sheraton Royal Orchid, our splendid hotel on the river!
Thailand 202

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