Friday, January 25, 2008

Leaving Winter Behind

We took the train to Shanghai today and the boys were playing Gameboy together during the ride.  This 7 year old Chinese boy came over and looked longingly over their shoulders so we brought out Sue's and let him play some games against Peter and Jack.  In the interests of international harmony they even let him win a couple of times!

Thailand 003
Sue gave Sophie a taste of the coffee that was served on board.  Why would she ever give Sophie coffee?  I don't KNOW!  Sophie has got caffeine in her veins as a part of her personality!
Thailand 005
There were no taxis when our train unloaded, so we hung out at the train station and had a meal while we waited for crowds to disperse.  Finally we got a cab and 150 quai later we were at our hotel.  It is nice but the only thing nearby is the airport.  Not very interesting since it's so far from the city but very comfortable and western.
Thailand 006

We left Hangzhou this morning, we're staying here near the Shanghai Pudong airport tonight, and we'll board the plane to Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow.  The temperature will change from 30 degrees to 85 degrees during the course of our travel tomorrow which we're all excited about!  Our next entry will be from Thailand which we'll be visiting for the next 10 days!  Stay tuned!

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