Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tension and Suspension

Yesterday we headed back to Guilin, and on our way we saw this very high suspension bridge crossing the river.  Though it was FREEZING and WINDY outside, we decided to cross for the fun of it.  There are also monkeys and anteaters that live in the mountains so we were hopeful of seeing some wildlife.

The only monkeys we saw though, were these two...
Guilin 001

Guilin 015

Guilin 017

We did a short hike, and surveyed the bridge from the trail.
Guilin 016

Guilin 018Sue and  Sophie on the trail, both braving the cold.

The kids decided to spit off of the bridge (after Sue did it - classy!)  Notice that Jack is on the wrong side of the bridge - facing the wind!  Turn around Jack!!

Guilin 021

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