Thursday, January 17, 2008

Buggin' Out of Guilin

Remember that rat you saw being cooked a couple of blogs ago?  Well we ate there, and this is what happens sometimes at your 1 star dining establishments!  Of course the boys were more conservative in their dietary choices so they didn't get sick.  I got the chills and the runs and we had a 3 hour car ride back to Guilin from the hot springs.  When we got to Guilin, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and try to get warm again.  Sue grabbed her camera and started taking pictures.  Nice!  To her credit, she went out to McDonald's to get us some dinner, so here's Peter, nursing me back to health with some fries.  Sue also had a rough night, waking up to throw up in the middle of the night!  We were glad it was us and not the kids!
Guilin 041

The weather was really cold, we couldn't see a damn thing for all the fog, and Sue and I felt terrible, so we said - "Let's get outa here!"

We headed for the airport and had our tickets changed for the next flight.  There was a master calligrapher there that wrote our last name on a scroll while Sue and Sophie watched.

Guilin 042

After a very rocky flight, we were back to our Hangzhou apartment by 4pm to find that our ayi had washed all of the bedding, and our HEAT had been repaired!  Yahoo!  So we turned on all of the heaters on high until a fuse blew, then turned off some of the lights to compensate, but not the HEAT!

Next time we'll eat in dining establishments where rats are not on the menu!


Anonymous said...

Hello Lewis Family, Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you need a vacation location that is sunny and warm. Our friends (a family of 5 (with a son about your son's age) is living in Xiamen, China...sandy beaches and palm trees. I will try send their email address in a seperate note. Sincerely, Kay Scott

Bob & Amy said...

I'm so sorry you got the rat bug. I hope you are feeling better soon. I bet it was such a relief to be home in a warm apt! Love the suspension bridge photos. What great adventurers. I'm glad you could bail & get an early flight out, that was lucky with all the travel this time of year. We are doing well here, off to Leavenworth with 2 other families -should be rippin' on the sled, tube & ski hills! Take care,
Amy & gang