Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dragon's Back Rice Terraces

Well we had the best of intentions, to hike through some Yao villages and see the beautiful "Dragon's Back" rice terraces of Long Sheng, however the weather had other ideas and it was totally socked in, drizzly and icy!  We decided to go for it anyway, and here we are on the climb up, stopping at a little tourist trap.

Guilin 008

Some pancakes and "100 year old eggs" for sale.  Anything warm looks good at this point!
 Guilin 010

It was nearly a 2 hour hike to the top of the Dragon's Back, on treacherous steps.  How to make a slippery step:  First, make it out of slate.  Second, get it wet.  Third, wait until the water freezes and presto - instant danger!  This Zhuang woman offered her services - to carry Sophie in her basket up and down the mountain for 50 quai.  SOLD!  Sophie loved it (most of the time), and we were having trouble keeping our own balance without having to carry Sophie - but this woman went right up the mountain without a problem.  I did feel a bit guilty having a 70 year old woman carry my daughter up the steep hill, but just for a moment! :) 

 Guilin 017

Some lizard skins that were drying - our guide said they were for medicinal purposes.  I hope I never get that sick :) 
Guilin 018

Some of the frozen rice paddies.  Unfortunately the foggy weather didn't really allow us to see the full expanse of them although we could tell they go on forever.  Here's a site with a few pictures of what we were SUPPOSED to see...

Guilin 023

Guilin 026

A cobweb completely frozen in the chilly conditions...
 Guilin 036
These ducks under the path were huddled together trying to keep warm.
  Guilin 029

Guilin 039 The bamboo on the hillside was beautiful - bent over with the weight of the frozen rain and mist.   BRRR!

Guilin 047

Jack and Peter loved the misty conditions, and Sophie enjoyed her ride!
Guilin 048 Guilin 052

The steps were covered with ice in some places - our guide, Michael was the only one that fell, and Sophie thought he was doing it as a comedy act just for her!
Guilin 054

There are 55 ethnic groups in China - Sophie's "sherpa" is a member of the Zhuang people, our guide, Michael is a member of the Dong people, and we also met these women who are Yao.  Yao women only cut their hair once in their lives - when they are 18 years old.  For  a few quai they unraveled their locks to let us have a look.  Yao women have the longest hair in the world!

 Guilin 075
Peter and Jack with a Yao.
Guilin 076

Another Yao with her hair all piled up on her head...
Guilin 078

Guilin 083
On our way back down the mountain, we came upon a woman firing these pieces of bamboo.  What is inside, we asked?
Guilin 085

She opened one up to reveal a delicious mixture of rice, vegetables and meat.  Delicious!  We shared scrumptious bites of hot rice and meat as we slid our way back down the mountain.
Guilin 088 Guilin 090

We stopped at a family guest house for some lunch, and the family invited us in to come sit around a small fire in their kitchen.  The lady of the house proudly showed us her RAT that they had trapped on the mountain, which she was preparing in front of us.  Did I mention that it was a RAT?  No, I'm not kidding!

Guilin 091

Sue, inspecting the rat.  They offered it to us for lunch as a delicacy, but we politely declined, saying it was too special.  Apologies for the picture quality - it was very dark in there!
Guilin 095Guilin 094
They served us a lovely lunch that really hit the spot, and then we endured yet another 2 HOUR ride back to our hotel, where it was time to hit the hot springs!  We adorned the robes given to make our way down the COOOLD walkway to the springs.
Guilin 118

After the LONG COLD  walk in 30 degrees, it felt so GOOD to get into the hot springs.  There are many pools there, and we headed straight for the hot one!
 Guilin 123

And we finally made it into the "fish doctor" pool.  You sit in a hot pool with about 30,000 (I asked) small minnow-like fish.  They swarm around you and eat the bacteria and dead skin off of you and it feels somewhere between pin pricks and sandpaper on your skin.  Sophie wouldn't get in, until we told her the fish were giving her kisses :).  It felt SO strange!  We stared at our feet as they disappeared under masses of hungry fish!

 Guilin 129

Tomorrow, another 3 hour ride back to Guilin, where hopefully I can upload a couple days worth of blogs!  Sorry for the wait!


Ambrose said...

Your pictures prove what I suspected when we visited in November: Guangxi province is stunning any time of year, even if the weather is uncomfortable.

Colleen said...

I just found your blog recently and am loving it! What wonderful adventures you are experiencing with your family. I love the photos! We are a retired military family that lived overseas for several years and we sure miss our travel adventures. Thank you for sharing!


Anonymous said...

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