Sunday, January 13, 2008

Teaching Position Available

We had a lazy home day today, and got our suitcases all packed to go to Guilin - we get on the airplane at 10:30 tomorrow morning and spend tomorrow night at a hotel with a hot springs.  It's snowing here right now, so anything with the word "hot" in it sounds good to us!

One of the other teachers is leaving our university, so her position is now open!  So, the university is frantically looking for someone to fill the position.  If you know anyone who is interested please contact us!  The semester runs from February 22 - June 25.

Also if you contact us and want us to respond to you, please let us know your email address - since we're behind the Chinese firewall we can't respond to comments directly!  You can always email us directly at or

Since we'll be on the road the next few days, our next blog entry will be when we have an Internet connection again!

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Ambrose said...

I heard you on At Home in China and it was a great podcast. HAve a great time in Guilin. Among many of my foreign friends, Guilin/Yangshuo was their favorite place to vacation. For me, best of all, it is a trip that is inexpensive enough that many of my Chinese friends have been there, too.