Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thailand Day 4 - Chiangmai

After a 1 hour flight from Bangkok to Chiangai we checked into a wonderful hotel called the Puripunn, a boutique hotel with 30 rooms and a gorgeous garden setting, in a very quiet neighborhood.  They even brought in a crib for Sophie complete with its own mosquito netting, which she's very excited about sleeping under!  Well appointed rooms...
Thailand 001

... and teak hardwood floors.

Thailand 021

A view out of the hallway window.
 Thailand 002

The pool area was nice, and it was a warm day, so it looked very inviting.
Thailand 005

The pool house area where drinks, etc. could be ordered.
Thailand 007

There was a pond out in front of the lobby where the kids caught boatloads of tadpoles, and even one full-sized frog!
Thailand 010

The overgrown jungle like path to our room.
  Thailand 020

Some of the local flora...
Thailand 058

Thailand 059

Thailand 061

While Sue and Randy went for a massage, Linda and I stayed by the pool and watched the kids splash around.  The pool was COLD but of course the kids didn't mind!  They got me to go in for a SHORT dip, which was very... refreshing.
 Thailand 035

Thailand 064

Thailand 068

Thailand 086

Thailand 087

Thailand 096

In the evening, we went out to one of the local night markets, where all kinds of trinkets and knock-offs can be had after a round of hard bargaining.

Thailand 160

Bikini, anyone?
Thailand 165

... or perhaps a lantern to light the way?
Thailand 168 Thailand 174

Here's how I generally feel about this kind of food...
Thailand 180

Or, how about a hat made out of aluminum cans?  Very pro-environment!
Thailand 187

Rows upons rows of candy, also available!
Thailand 189

Tomorrow, we're off to elephant rides, rafting, butterflies, and who knows what else!  We're so lucky to be here rather than home in Hangzhou where it is snowing heavily right now, and traffic, airports and electricity are all affected!


Bob & Amy said...

Hi there travelers! I'm sitting here sipping a latte & totally loving your Thailand blog entries. What a great trip! It must be so great to see the Weatbrooks again. I wish I could be there to hear Randy interview someone about something!! Julia wishes she could have been there for the frog pond adventures. My friends Tonya & Ali went to an Elephant rehab & reserve in Thailand last year, said it was amazing. Enjoy every second of the warm weather!!
Love from the Maher's

Aunt Catherine said...

Glad you're enjoying the lovely weather there - and I've been watching the weather chaos in China. Kinda like Seattle when it snows.

All busy here. New semester started today, project is in high gear, and ski season is full speed ahead with 3 feet of new powder expected this week.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...