Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thailand Day 5 - Chiangmai Part I

We started our day in Chiangmai, where we had a restful night at the Puripunn Boutique Hotel (
Thailand 004

The breakfast buffet was fairly small given the number of people there were to eat it, but we made do, and waited for our guide to pick us up...
Thailand 001

Grandpa and Peter listening to some tunes together while they wait...
Thailand 015

Our first stop was the Maeteman Elephant Camp, where we got to get up close and personal with the elephants.  There are many opportunities to buy bananas and sugar cane to feed to the elephants. This one was also available for pictures!
 Thailand 017

Thailand 021

Thailand 024

The elephants, with those big trunks were very aggressive about taking the food that we had for them. 
Thailand 057

This one gave Jack a little ride on his snout. 
Thailand 065

And the trainer let Peter get on an elephant's back.
Thailand 081


Thailand 070

The elephants put on a small show for us, but before the show, they all had a bath in the river which was so fun to watch!  You could tell it was something they really enjoyed!
 Thailand 089 Thailand 090 Thailand 101

Some scenes from the show...
Thailand 118

This elephant painted a picture of... an elephant! 
Thailand 126

Wow!  This is a better elephant than I could draw!
Thailand 129

Peter got to feed one of the stars of the show some sugar cane.  Watch out Peter!
Thailand 136

Next, it was off to do an elephant trek through the jungle.  Here's Jack and Grandpa crossing the river on elephant-back.
Thailand 144 Thailand 147

Thailand 154

After the river was a steep incline.  Hang on!
Thailand 157

Off go Linda and Peter into the jungle...
Thailand 165

Here's a view of the valley and the elephant camp, framed by banana leaves...
Thailand 167

Some of the thick vegetation!
Thailand 175

The trainer let Jack get out of the harness and sit on the elephant bare-back. Jack was thrilled!
Thailand 183

Sue, Sophie and I were on another elephant, and we tossed a bundle of sugarcane down to a searching snout.  He sure knew we had some food!
Thailand 190

Now we're back down into the valley again, where we jumped off of the elephants and did some shopping...
Thailand 212

This local villager saw Sue coming a mile away!
Thailand 215

Sophie also found a friend!  She manhandled this little kitten for awhile...
Thailand 222

Don't worry, I'm sure it's had all its shots!
Thailand 226

Peter, getting a bracelet tied on by this beautiful village woman.
Thailand 230

Next, we left the village by oxcart to meet up with our guide.
Thailand 235

Fabulous scenery on this day of perfect weather.
Thailand 239

Here come Linda, Randy and Jack in their oxcart, back into the elephant camp.
Thailand 244

Yes, this was all BEFORE LUNCH!  Since this entry is getting so long, I'll continue on the next blog!

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Bob & Amy said...

I cannot believe that Elephant can paint!! You guys look like you are enjoying the sun!! You needed to warm up!