Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sophie's 3rd Birthday

Hangzhou 030 Sophie turned 3 years old today!  I brought a cake to school today which she, her classmates, and her teachers devoured!

I bought another cake this evening, which, after a delicious curry dinner at a local restaurant, we also dug into!

A "musical candle flower" came with the cake, and had several candles inside.  We lit the candles and watched it burn, expecting music, but there was none! So we waited...

Hangzhou 021
Then, boy were we surprised when suddenly flames shot out over 1 foot into the air in a dazzlingly dangerous pyrotechnic display.  Sophie got quite a scared look on her face!  I'm glad no one was leaning over it!  It would definitely not pass US safety standards, but it was fun to watch!  Safety-Dad was nervous.
 Hangzhou 027

Here we are, the 5 of us with Sophie's birthday cake and the candle in it's pre-flamethrower mode. Had we done this picture a bit later, we might have been the only 5 person family without eyebrows.
Hangzhou 024  

No matter what; I could not get the music to stop playing from the flame-thrower candle.  Even after being submerged in water for 15 minutes, it was still playing.  I had to take it downstairs to throw it away so we wouldn't hear Happy Birthday all night!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Sophie!!! We all want one of those cool candles now! The "re-lighting" ones just won't cut it anymore. Hope you all are well..hugs all around! The Wilsons

Bob & Amy said...

Happy Birthday Sophie - Andrew LOVED seeing your birthday candle. He said is was SO FUNNY!! I'm sure he'll expect fireworks on his now...
Glad you had a fun day!
The Mahers

Catherine said...

great - so you didn't hear Happy Birthday all night... but what about the poor guy living next to the dumpster?