Monday, November 12, 2007

Dinner with the Girls

Sunday night we took 4 local college girls out to dinner that Sue had met in the park.  We see them every few weeks, and we help them with their English, and they help us with our Chinese.  We took them out to dinner on Saturday night and they ate a lot!  These girls live on 500 quai a month each, which is about $70 US, so I think going to dinner was a treat for them!  They were very concerned about wasting any morsel.
Hangzhou 023
Here is Jack, showing excellent chopstick form - except they should be held closer to the top.  It's easier with bigger hands!
Hangzhou 008 Hangzhou 010 Hangzhou 013
Blond Jack gets lots of attention!
Hangzhou 018
... more dinner fun!
Hangzhou 021
... and Peter, hamming it up for the camera.  Did he have beer instead of Coke?
  Hangzhou 026
On the way home we saw a couple of dogs that were well dressed for the cold.  Sue went berserk and had to coo over them and get a picture.
Hangzhou 028
In China it is very  common to see members of the same sex with their arms around each other.  Here are 5 buddies walking down the street.  We see this so often on campus too
Hangzhou 032
Sue went clothes shopping again and bought Sophie a few new outfits.  Here are a couple of samples - a shirt with a fur collar and her red outfit with warm tights.  It's getting colder fast and she is prepared now with boots as well. We needed to get dark colors because she gets SO filthy.  She loves to drag her hand along buildings, fences, etc. as she walks along, so by the time we get somewhere (like school), her hands are black!
 Hangzhou 034 Hangzhou 040

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Bob & Amy said...

Congrats on your 100 days! What an accomplishment. We are so impressed with everyone's language & survival skills. So cool!! Glad Sue got her dog fix. My brother came to visit so we dressed up Lucy in a skirt & ribbon. It was hilarious. She does NOT like to get dressed up. Well done with all yoru adventures. You are relentless. Much love,
Amy & gang