Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Random Kids-In-China pics

Today was my day off again, so I grabbed a workout while Jack stayed home and did a math lesson and some Runescaping.  He is continuing to stay out of school this week due to the 4th grade participation in military training.

We paid about $100 for the last 2 months utilities.  It's very convenient to pay here - any bank of post office will take your money and issue you a receipt.  How convenient!  It does take timing however - you don't want to go during the lunch or dinner hours or you can stand in line for 45 minutes.

Our neighborhood beautification is continuing. Luckily they are working on the other side of the building now, so, while noisy, isn't the kind of noise to rattle your fillings like it was previously!  This morning, construction started at 4:45am!  It woke up Sue and I but happily Sophie stayed asleep.  We think she is taking too long of a nap at school because she isn't sleeping as much at night, make for a couple of tired parents!

Here is Sophie in the little "park" across the street from our house.  This used to be a mud pit, last week, but this week it has full grown trees, a mammoth piece of granite and grass!  Nice!  Also, across the street there is now a mini-mart which is so convenient.Hangzhou 052

Here's Sophie with our friend Fang, who's married to an American, Tim.  They are so good with the kids and they took us out to a wonderful dinner at a local Chinese place last weekend.  This picture is a couple  of days old, Sophie's face spots are finally mostly gone.

 Hangzhou 002

We got a new laundry hamper - Sophie thinks it is great fun.  I think the laundry hamper will last about a week given how roughly she plays with it!Hangzhou 003

The kids love riding their bicycles around the city.  They feel like they have more freedom here because they have their own "wheels".

 Hangzhou 055

This was Peter in the Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden.  He won't admit it, but he loves being in these gardens :) 

  Suzhou 053

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Dad & Bonnie said...

Hi and Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I know they don't celebrate Thanksgiving there, but I'm sure you are giving Thanks for all that is dear to you.
Did you get the Birthday wish we emailed to Sophie? She is such a doll. We love the pictures and stories that you post for all to read. Sounds like you are all adjusting real well to your new life there.
We were with Cara & Shawn last Friday evening for a delicious dinner she fixed and we saw all their Hawaii pictures on their nice big screen. We spent the night as it was so dark & rainy and we don't see that well after dark. We enjoyed our visit so much and they sure are fun to be with.
They have made quite a few improvements to their home and it looks so nice. All the beautiful paintings and artwork that your mother has creasted add so much to the decor. Your mother is so talented and creative. We are sorry to hear that her mother is not feeling well. Reminds me of when I was living next door to my mom and taking care of her. She lived to be almost 98 and gosh we heard Baba is 99!!
We think of you guys real often and are always wishing you the best in this big change in your lives. We can see that you're all learing so much of the culture there and so much more!!
Love, Dad & Bonnie