Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Runaround Sue

Jack's class has military training this week so he has been hanging out with Sue this week and having a great time.  Run-around Sue had a busy day - mailing packages, paying utility bills, lunch with her friends, opening a bank account, going to Chinese lessons, delivering Sophie to and from school and navigating the taxi all by herself!  She is starting to feel much more comfortable going around town and using her Chinese - she even told the taxi driver how to drive her home and he understood!  Yeah Sue!

I finished my mid-term oral exams of the majority of my students, where they each became a famous person and told their biography for the class for 3 minutes. I stole the idea from Mr. Kissel, Peter's 5th grade class last year.  Popular famous people where Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Chairman Mao, Yao Ming, Bill Gates, and Jackie Chan.  Some students did great, and some read nervously from their papers, but they all tried hard.  I originally assigned the students to write me a biography of a famous person, but nearly half of the papers handed in were simply copied from the internet!  Big cultural difference here - this would be major plagiarism in an American university but it seems to be somewhat accepted here.  However, since I wasn't in the mood to grade some writer from Google, I didn't bother to even have my students hand in a final draft! 

Sorry, nothing photogenic happened today, so perhaps more pics tomorrow!

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