Friday, November 23, 2007

Secret Santa Strikes Twice

I assigned my students the task of being Secret Santa for each other.  Each student received a name, at random, of another student in their class that they have to do 4 nice things for in the next 4 weeks. The first Secret Santa exchange took place today. One of my students, a boy, snuck into the girl's room whose name he had drawn.  He cleaned her whole room before she got back from class, much to her surprise and amazement.  She has no idea who it was, and all of the other girls now want this mystery man as their Secret Santa!

I have also gained a Secret Santa!  Today on my desk was a beautiful cake inscribed with, "To Sue and Tim Lewis' Family, Happy Thanksgiving!"  I think I know who it's from, but I'm not sure!  I will have to do more detective work to find out!  I'm concerned whoever it is is spending WAY too much to be my Secret Santa.

The boys stayed home with Sue today.  She was feeling a little lonely due to her lack of Chinese.  She needed someone to speak English with and they were the best target!  They had a good time shopping today, and found some sugar cane and pineapple to eat!

The boys at the market with all of the carcasses ready for purchase!

Hangzhou 004
Peter, picking out just the right sugar cane.
Hangzhou 005
Peeling the sugar cane - the whole cane was less than $1 US!
Hangzhou 006

Hangzhou 008
They also bought a pineapple which the salesman expertly peeled and cored while they waited.  The pineapple was delicious!
Hangzhou 009

On the bus to school today I saw the weirdest thing - a guy on a bicycle with two enormous gutted pigs bungee-corded to the back.  They were way to big for the bicycle which sagged under their weight.  Oh if I only had my camera for that one - what great blog material! 

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