Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Lovely Home

On this crisp Autumn day, we wanted to show a picture of our lovely home, and some of the people in our neighborhood.  Scaffolding has been erected around the building and netting has been added to contain falling debris.

Hangzhou 021

In addition, we have been asked to wear hard hats as we walk to and from our entrance as many workers are banging their hammers on the side of the building and dinner-plate sized pieces of concrete are falling on the ground.  Sue is sporting a red hard hat below.  On the right, they have finished removing the concrete and there is a layer of brick below it.

Hangzhou 015 Hangzhou 017

Here's the safety patrolman watching me take a picture of Sue before he collects her hard-hat.

Hangzhou 016Outside our building our neighborhood is undergoing a quite a transformation with 20' tall trees being planted and new sod going in.  Some things don't change between cultures: These two women are chit-chatting away as they move sod back and forth in their wheel-barrow.  

Hangzhou 022

... and back they go with another load!  The grass and trees you see in the background weren't there a week ago.

Hangzhou 023

These guys are the local recycle patrol.  They are weighing recyclables to determine their value and the person that collected them is getting paid.  It's not just bottles and newspapers here, but Styrofoam,  bands that go around cardboard boxes, pieces of machinery, any plastic they can break off of consumer items, and much more.  You see people digging through trash piles and trash cans all of the time looking for anything to recycle. Hey Seattle-ites:  no need to sort your trash here!

Hangzhou 024

After a nice lunch with our friends, Sophie got out of school at 12:30 today.  They came back from a field trip to the park, and it was pandemonium with cars, bicycles, people, kids and busses all vying for space in this small side street in front of Sophie's school.  It makes Abia Judd's dismissal process seem so orderly in comparison!

Hangzhou 026 Hangzhou 027

Even in China, there has to be some Mom that carries all of the coats!

Tonight we go out to another dinner with some other friends who have quite a book collection and they have been nice enough to offer usage of it to us and the boys! 

The boys are not looking forward to another Chinese dinner out they'll survive!  It is usually difficult to have Sophie at a restaurant for long periods too as she gets so rambunctious after 10 minutes of sitting in her seat!  Sometimes we think that someday she'll play quietly, but I don't think it's in her nature!


Anonymous said...

Sophie sounds like our daughter from China. When she was 3, we put Carli in gymnastics thinking it would burn energy. WRONG! She now competes in gymnastics, is in better shape and has even more energy. Carli will be 9 this month. Her teacher (3rd grade) is great about letting her stand (prance) while doing school work because she just can't sit still - but still gets straight A's. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride!
Vonna in Kansas

Bob & Amy said...

Wow - Halloween sounds like a blast in China. You guys did great! It must have blown their minds. What will you do for Thanksgiving?? Lucy reluctanly wore her superdog cape for Trick or Treating. Julia took pity on her & let her take it off pretty early in the game. I had people over for a Halloween party from Australia & Finland. They do think we are bizarre! Glad the boys liked Lord of the Rings - cool Gollum impersonation...
Love, The Mahers