Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Secret Santa Strikes Again!

The students are starting to perform their Secret Santa duties with each other.  One girl offered, through a 3rd party, to wash an article of her recipient's clothing (they do it all by hand!)  When she received the laundry, it was a whole basketful!  It was definitely more than she bargained for!  Other students have received, notes, cards, some store-bought tea drinks, candy, and pieces of cake.  No one has been found out as a Secret Santa yet, so they are all being very secretive and creative!  However, about 1/3 of my students have not received anything yet, so I have bullied, threatened and cajoled the remaining students to get busy or their GRADES WILL SUFFER!

It is fun to watch the students describe in class the items that they are receiving; I only hope that everyone receives SOMETHING their Secret Santa.  I'm worried that a few of the boys will blow it off.  We'll see!

Sue is doing a Secret Santa activity with her class and NO ONE has received anything yet, so I think she will have to start the bullying too.

Thank you thank you to those of you who have sent packages!  We have been loving all of the U.S. goodies, and it's so much for for us and the kids to open up the boxes!  The University has guards at all of the entrances and all around campus (creating jobs for everyone?).  I was huffing and puffing under the weight of 3 big boxes as I carried them to the bus.  A guard approached me and I thought he was going to take pity on me and grab one of the boxes.  Instead, he wanted to know what was in the boxes and wanted me to open them all right there on the sidewalk.  I certainly didn't want to do that and wreck the surprises for home, so I told him "Chocolate and Toys", and then played dumb until he got frustrated, so he pulled out a book and had me sign my name.

As I walked away he showed my signature to his guard buddies and they all had a good laugh.  It's nice to know the Chinese can laugh at my messy handwriting just as well as Americans!

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Bob & Amy said...

Tim - good job protecting the Christmas loot from the guards. I've been howling at your descriptions of Christmas, especially nativity scene & their skepticism. Well done. Have you been cleared to talk about Christmas or are you trying to get thrown out of the country? Hope all is well. How are Sophie's spots? She looks good in the photos. Lucy saw a Prius pull up and park the other day on a walk and Bob said she went absolutely nuts & tried to get in the car. She misses you guys!!