Monday, November 19, 2007

Parents' Day at Preschool

On Friday, Sue was invited to preschool for Parents' Day, much to her chagrin, as she was looking forward to some non-Sophie time.  However, once she got there she had a good time, even though the language barrier with the other parents was somewhat difficult.

Here is Sophie's class, dancing with some ribbons.  Sophie is in the background in her pink coat.  Most kids wear 4 layers as there is no heat in any of the schools. My university has no heat in the classrooms either, so everyone is very bundled up.  Today was in the 40's so after class I raced to my office, turned on my heater and stood in front of it. It felt so GOOOOOD! 

Hangzhou 093
Here is Sophie's teacher with the kids.  Notice her arm protectors.  When women wear long sleeves, they wear these arm protectors to keep their clothes clean; especially if they're doing messy work like taking care of small children!
 Hangzhou 086
Their English wall - looks pretty authentic!
Hangzhou 092
... more ribbon dancing!
  Hangzhou 099 Hangzhou 101 Hangzhou 102
We went to a local restaurant where the waitresses loved playing with Sophie.  Unfortunately they were playing with her at the top of a very steep staircase so Safety-Dad had to take her back to the table.
Hangzhou 104

Today I introduced Secret Santa to my students.  I assigned each student another student in their class that they have to do something nice for.  Most of the students don't know each other because they come from different majors.  So they have to find out about the people they have been assigned on the QT, and find 4 nice things to do for them in the next 4 weeks.  I am very curious what they will decide to do!  I'll report back some of their ideas by Christmas!

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Bob & Amy said...

Wow - awesome secret santa project! Sue, glad you had some parent time at school =)

Lucy is over at her boyfriend's Marshall's for Thanksgiving (the little pomeranian she has a crush on). We fly out early tomorrow to Iowa to celebrate with Jay & my parents. Sure wish you could be there to keep things colorful & lively!!

Jay deploys to Afghanistan Dec. 1 so it will be good to see him before he leaves. He'll be there 6 months. Roxie & kids will stay in Iowa.
Love to all,
Amy & gang