Saturday, November 3, 2007

Kung Fu Master

Today we had to get back to the store to buy Peter another bicycle for next week.  He found a nice green one that he was tickled with - new and shiny for about $35 US.  We also found an invaluable space heater which we are really enjoying tonight!

Before we went, Sophie really needed a bath.  Unfortunately all we have here is a shower so here is her improvised bathtub which she doesn't seem to mind except our apartment is quite cold.

Hangzhou 007 

Upon leaving our apartment, we saw some neighbors had put out some ducks to dry in the sun.  Yum.

Hangzhou 008 

... and here we are on the way to a Kung Fu demonstration.  The main in back of Peter was intensely interested in us.  I was afraid he was going to crash by not watching the road!

Hangzhou 010 

The Kung Fu master did some fingertip pushups.  Not to be outdone, I had Jack get on my back and I did a few :)

Hangzhou 013 Hangzhou 014

Ok I wasn't going to try this anytime soon!

Hangzhou 019 

He showed us a few different stances.  I had to force Peter and Jack to participate but then they started to enjoy it.

Hangzhou 021 

Jack had a pretty high, powerful kick!

Hangzhou 022 

... showing us some punches...

Hangzhou 026 

... and the Master is giving Jack some numchuck lessons.  Don't hit yourself in the head, Grasshopper!

Hangzhou 027 

... a very scary picture of Sue.  She had this same expression on her face all day, it wasn't just the Kung Fu lesson.

Hangzhou 034 

On the way home, we happened upon an outdoor Chinese Opera.  We really enjoyed listening to it for awhile, until Peter said, "They call that MUSIC??"

Hangzhou 043 

Some scenes of the Yuan Yuan (Good Luck) Park where the Chinese Opera had taken place.

Hangzhou 048 Hangzhou 051

There are many of these elaborate plant sculptures around the city.  This one is especially beautiful with the Golden Arches showing prominently in the background.

Hangzhou 054

Tonight we had noodles at a chain noodle shop and the boys are outside now playing badminton in the dark, on a new patch of grass that was planted yesterday.  I hope it can take all of their tromping around!

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