Friday, November 9, 2007

A Family Visit to Campus

Today was my teaching day, and Sue brought the kids on a later bus to campus, which is about an hour bus ride from our apartment.

Here's Peter, below playing "Sorry" with a couple of Sue's students in her office.

Hangzhou 037

One of my students Irene, and her husband took us out to a wonderful lunch.  Irene and her husband have a 7 year old son in school in Hangzhou, so they have a similar schedule to us - where one parent goes home early or stays home so the child has someone to come home to.  Nice!  Here are the 3 boys at lunch.

 Hangzhou 039

The students took a shining to Sophie, of course.  They ran her all over campus while Sue and I rested with a cup of coffee.  What a treat!
 Hangzhou 040

Some of our other students took Jack and Peter to the badminton courts and the soccer field.
Hangzhou 041

The boys loved the wide open spaces of campus where they could play badminton or kick the soccer ball around.  It is a much different environment than the downtown area where we live. There's not much room close by our apartment for them to run around like this.
Hangzhou 005 Hangzhou 007

We got the bubble maker out for Sophie, and she played with that for awhile, while I kicked the soccer ball around with the boys.  Sue and Ashley, another foreign teacher, held down the steps and visited.
 Hangzhou 018

"Aww, is this thing out of bubbles already??"
Hangzhou 023

Sophie was so dirty from playing, she looked like a real rag-a-muffin today! But - she had fun! "Hey Daddy, bring that camera lens closer".  Yes she did get soap on my lens - not happy about that :).    
Hangzhou 027

We met many of our students today at the coffee shop under Teacher Building 1, in an area I believe they call "The Cave".  Here I am with some students from our classes.
Hangzhou 030

Peter said he felt like he was in a camera studio with all of the flashes going off.  Here he is with some of my grad students, Ben, Shirly, and Sara, respectively.
Hangzhou 033 Hangzhou 034 Hangzhou 035

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