Friday, May 16, 2008

Trek to Putuoshan

This weekend we went to Putuoshan (Mount Putuo), an island in the East China Sea.  It is famous worldwide for Buddhists who like to make a pilgrimage here; and its temples are shrines for Guanyin, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.  There is even a 33 meter tall golden statue of her that can be seen from quite a distance.

Our troupe of travelers included our family and several other English teachers as well as our Chinese friend "Rebecca" who was a tremendous help in navigating us around!  Going with 10 people is a bit like herding cats, but it was fun to have everyone along and they were also so helpful with the kids!  From left to right: Kendall, Peter, Laura, Rebecca, Sophie, Sue, Danny, Jack, Aamir and Tim!Putuoshan 078
We started out on a 6:30 bus this morning that took us through Ningbo, and loaded us, bus and all onto a ferry to a small port city where we could catch a speedboat to the island of Putuoshan.  Our friend, Kendall, also an English teacher in Hangzhou was a big hit with the kids.  Sophie called her "Candle" instead, and then "Fire Candle!"

Putuoshan 001

We boarded the ferry with the rest of humanity for the 45 minute crossing.  What a beautiful day!  Peter, Danny, Tim and Laura pictured below.
 Putuoshan 009

Our good friend Rebecca who did such a good job taking care of all of us laowei (foreigners!) with Chinese translation and making sure we didn't pay too much for things!  She's an excellent bargainer - able to wear away the will of the most jaded salesman!

  Putuoshan 011

Our friend Amir who also was a great help with the kids.  Any time we wanted Sophie to do something, we would say, "OK, you have to do ___, and then you can play with Aamir!"
Putuoshan 012

After 5 hours on the bus (including the ferry)  and a 20 minute boat ride we were on the famous island of Putuoshan!  The first order of business - hit the beach!  Sophie immediately stripped to her underwear - time to lube her up with some sunscreen!
 Putuoshan 015     Putuoshan 016

The tide was way out, so Danny, Jack, Peter and Aamir traversed it looking for creatures.
Putuoshan 018

Peter, Aamir, and Jack all had their "mud socks" on after traipsing through the huge slick of thick sticky mud!

Putuoshan 030

I sacrificed my own feet so that I could get a shot of theirs... and I HATE having dirty feet :). 
Putuoshan 025
Sue is still smiling, even though she knows she's going to have 3 muddy kids and one muddy husband to clean up before we re-enter our hotel.  Sophie of course loved the mud, and the Chinese on the beach were MORTIFIED we let her play in it!  We had to throw out her shirt and underwear afterwards!

Putuoshan 035 Putuoshan 046

Peter and Jack loving the mud between their toes!
Putuoshan 036 Putuoshan 042

Rebecca, helping Sophie get even dirtier!
Putuoshan 049

Peter and Jack, starting to wash their feet off - the giant Guanyin goddess of Mercy on the hill behind them.

Putuoshan 053 Putuoshan 056

A small crab that the boys tormented for awhile, waiting to get caught.
Putuoshan 060

The wind was really blowing so we tried our hands at kite flying, too!
Putuoshan 062

After the beach, we decided to explore some of the other island sights.  Kendall and Sue posed for me in front of these charming little houses.
Putuoshan 065

Aamir helped by carrying Sophie.  Of course she actually LIKES being carried this way!

Putuoshan 070

We snuck in a visit to this temple before it closed at 5pm and it was certainly gorgeous with its saffron paint and seaside vistas. Here are Sue and Rebecca taking in the view. Putuoshan 073

LEFT: An inscription on a rock to the Goddess of Mercy, and RIGHT: a temple doorway in the late afternoon sun.
Putuoshan 081     Putuoshan 098

Kendall enjoyed sitting in the sun and taking in the seaside views.
Putuoshan 083

... and so did Peter!
 Putuoshan 084

One of the ornate walls inside of the temple...
Putuoshan 088

LEFT:  For good luck, you're supposed to touch the dragon on the urn or throw coins up on the top.  Sophie gave it a try.  RIGHT:  Entering into the inner courtyard.
Putuoshan 089 Putuoshan 093

LEFT: The urn where people donate money, and RIGHT: a peek inside the prayer room.
Putuoshan 094    Putuoshan 095

The inner courtyard, catching the light of the late afternoon sun.
Putuoshan 096

Gratuitous flower shot against the saffron colored walls.Putuoshan 099

OK, back outside of the temple now, I wonder which way we should go?  Good thing we have Rebecca with us!
Putuoshan 100

Next on our itinerary was to see the 33 meter (about 100 feet!) high statue of the Goddess of Mercy, which you can't miss seeing if  you're on this side of the island!Putuoshan 130

She looks out on quite a view!  To the left, the temple we just visited...      Putuoshan 114

... and to the right, a little inlet where we played on the beach; at the end of which is our hotel.
Putuoshan 115

LEFT: Jack doing his own Goddess of Mercy imitation, and RIGHT: a group of pilgrims on their approach. They walk about 3 steps, then kneel down in the prone position as below, then stand up, walk 3 more steps, and repeat the process.  They have done this for quite a long ways.  Many temples have 108 steps, or some multiple of 108 where this process will take place.

 Putuoshan 116 Putuoshan 141

Kendall led Jack and Rebecca in some yoga.  Seemed fitting in a place like this!
Putuoshan 119

A carving on one of the walls of the Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin.
Putuoshan 126

Tim, giving the Goddess of Mercy a kiss.
Putuoshan 127

More pilgrims, making their way to the base of the statue.
Putuoshan 129

Here's our group - Laura, Peter, Danny, Sue, Rebecca, Jack, Sophie, Aamir and Kendall!Putuoshan 131

LEFT: The Lewis family in front of the Goddess and RIGHT: Wow!  China has tourists too!
Putuoshan 134 Putuoshan 137

Aamir helped keep the boys in line!
Putuoshan 138

Putuoshan 145... and after a long day of busses, boats, travelling, temples and goddesses, it was time to EAT!  We found this little restaurant where Sophie is picking out her dinner.  We had some great crab and clams and a variety of veggies with some rice.  Delicious!

Tomorrow - hike to the top of Mount Putuo!

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Wow, Tim! in all our 40 years I've NEVER seen you get your feet dirty for any reason! Ahhh, what you will do for a great picture! :) This entry was fun to see with all your great pictures, friends and family! Love the flower shot against the yellow wall. No surprise there...

Your Sis