Monday, May 12, 2008

No Earthquake in Hangzhou

Thank you for your emails wondering about our safety after a large earthquake hit in Central and Northern China.  We were not affected, although many of our students said they felt it.   Our building made strange creaking noises yesterday afternoon but I chalked it up to building construction.  However, since it coincided with the time of the earthquake, I realize now that's probably what it was.

The news reports are now saying that more than 18,000 people have died in the quake around Chengdu.  We have some teacher friends who went there so we are anxious to hear whether they are alright.

I have several students who come from that region, so hopefully their families are safe.  I didn't bring it up yet in class but probably will tomorrow. I have heard many people comment about how 2008 has been a difficult year for China.  First, the biggest snowstorm in 100 years.  Next, the EV71 virus scare, and now the earthquake.  Hopefully China's luck will change as the Olympics approach!

Today I did a culture lesson talking about step by step instructions.  We had a lesson where we made Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches with about 80 students which was a lot of fun.  Lots of sticky Chinese people!  Ninety percent of them thought they were delicious; the other 10% thought they were disgustingly sweet.  Next, we watched the opening scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" which they also enjoyed.

Although the boys haven't been to their school for about the past few months, they stopped by today to say goodbye to their classmates.  The classmates had gifts and well wishes for them.  It reminded Peter and Jack of their previous difficult experiences and they have been thankful for the homeschooling we have been doing for them lately.  Going to the school with no "Chinese as a Second Language" support was very difficult for them.  I think they will have great empathy for ESL students when they return to the U.S.!  At any rate, it was good "closure" for them and they are looking forward to seeing their U.S. friends again!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Sue and Uncle Tim, are you doing aunt Sue? I've been doing loving things to my sister and said my sister could get a sucker. I played with my sister and said that she could play with my puzzles.

I miss you aunt Sue

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks for posting this blog. So glad to hear you are all fine!

Love, Cara

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the post; I have a sister in the hospital in Hangzhou whose husband left early Monday. She is waiting for another family member's arrival to bring her home to North Carolina in June.

Currently,we have no way to communicate with her until Saturday - so we feel she must be okay.

Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear you missed the rocking and rolling there. Always interesting to see where it was felt, and where it wasn't. -Catherine

Dorisita said...

This is a note to my daugther Franceska she is in China was in Hangzhou until May 11 and head to Tianjin with group of students with Capilano University in Canada. will be staying at the polytechnic University in Tianjin. May 12th her bday. I want send my love to her. Franceska our love and our thought and energy are with you! we are thinking of you every moment. We love you. Mama.

Anonymous said...

Nia Hao Lewis Family,
Hope everyone is Doing WEll and Having Fun. Love Your Blog. Got to go fix me a P&J sandwhich and a tall glass of cold milk.
zichian for now!!!

Anonymous said...

Tim and Family,

Everyone was wondering about you hear at NCU and hoping you were not involved with the quake.

Take care and hope to see you on your return.


Anonymous said...


Oops, I meant to say here at NCU. Can you edit your blog entries?



Anonymous said...

I've been dancing around the house very antsy hoping to hear that you guys are all alright. Thank you for your blog!!! I felt sure you would be because of the distance of the quake from you. TV here says everyone felt it in Bejing 900 miles away. Some quake 7.9 Wow! Needless to say I'm eager to see your smiling faces in Prescott!!!
My heart goes out to all the people involved and my prayers are with them. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Glad to here you guys are okay, i was going to play runescape, and i saw the earthquake on my homepage. hope you guys are having fun!

Chris V.

Bob & Amy said...

We were so relieved to see your post that you are ok and we send our best wishes to those from that area & hope their families and friends are safe. Thanks for the news!
The Mahers

Anonymous said...

Hi Lewis Family,
I am so glad to hear you are ok--yesterday, was looking to see if you were close to the earthquake area, and it did not look like it. I waited to tell Chris, because I did not want him to worry about you without knowing. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Have a safe trip home! We have enjoyed your online diary, too.
Maureen V.

Nancy said...

I was wondering if you all were okay. So I took a chance & googled you name and found your website. Sounds like you are having fun & glad everyone is well.

Take Care,

Nancy Hummer

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue and Tim and gang,
We are so glad to hear everyone is ok there. We keep tabs via the website and via Amy of course. Miss you, think of you often. LOVE THE PICS!
Love, The Helds in Woodinville WA