Sunday, May 4, 2008

Return from Shanghai

Today, Sunday, was definitely more relaxing for us than most Chinese.  Sue was supposed to have classes today, to make up for a holiday we had last month, on April 4th.  Tomorrow is also supposed to be a holiday, but it is also a make-up day for June 9th.  In the U.S., we just have holidays.  Here, they make up many of their holidays by trading them with weekend days!

As I sit here writing this, on Sunday, I can hear the school children getting off of their school busses after a day at school.  As the boys say, "Sucks to be them!"

Peter and Jack at the Shanghai train station today as we made the trip back to Hangzhou.

Shanghai 007

The train station restaurant has some delicious Illy coffee.  How can we refuse!?!
 Shanghai 015

The waitress played with Sophie for awhile, which is standard procedure whenever we go to a restaurant, then snapped this picture of us in transit.
Shanghai 016

Peter tried to take a picture of us all asleep on the train, but with all of these children around, I always sleep with one eye open.
Shanghai 017

Jack had taken his rabbit, Blackjack to our friend's house on Thursday to be cared for while we were away.  Unfortunately, within a few hours of the rabbit's arrival, it died!  We're not sure why - was it too scared from the bike ride over there?  Did a cat or some other animal scare it to death?  Did it eat some bad food?  We're not sure, but we were sad to lose her!
Hangzhou 001
I will try to convince Jack NOT to get another rabbit before we go home in about 55 days - and then try to figure out what to do with it!

The friends that watched Blackjack were the same ones whose fish I watched when they went to Thailand.  Their electricity failed for several days, so more than 80% of their fish died.  I guess we shouldn't watch each other's pets any more!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

So sad to hear that Blackjack died! He was a sweet bunny. Maybe that growth spurt was just too much for him! Where did you bury him?

Love, Cara

Anonymous said...

Jack your bunny rabbit probably missed you! He sure was a cute one! I couldn't believe how he grew though. Wow!!! Love to you all! Granda Kapi
PS I'm happy the end of June isn't too far away! Miss you all!!!

Bob & Amy said...

Sorry about your Rabbit Jack! It is always sad to lose a pet. I know your mom will be up for some fuzzy critter when you get back to Arizona so start plotting now!