Wednesday, May 28, 2008

300 Days!

The boxes of souvenirs are shipped, and the apartment is getting more bare as we prepare for our exodus back to the U.S.!  Our "300 Day" photo, and we're all still smiling.

We are trying to enjoy all of the things we like about China in this last month before we leave.  One of the small things we enjoy is the ubiquitous "milk-tea"; a tea and milk concoction with black balls of tapioca in the bottom.  An extra wide-diameter straw is provided to suck up all of that chewy tapioca goodness!  We go for a walk in the evenings along the city streets to the local milk-tea outlet, and it no longer seems strange.

We are enjoying not only a different culture, but also a climate that is so different from Arizona.  It is HOT and HUMID here, and we have had Hangzhou 020 monsoon like conditions here lately with lots of RAIN.  The boys love all of the green, and the moss and the vines growing everywhere.  The rivers, lakes, canals and waterways also provide a nice touch to the city, however there is a mosquito problem. LEFT: Here are the boys today, near Lingyin temple enjoying the rain on an 80 degree day.

The classrooms are not air-conditioned, so it gets downright HOT in there with 20 or 30 people inside.  The classroom windows are always wide open and the fans on at high-speed, but I still find myself sweating while teaching!

We're excited to see our family and friends back in Prescott but we'll sure miss our friends here!  Let's make the most of our next 30 days!

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