Thursday, May 15, 2008

Starting to Pack Up!

We have accumulated so much STUFF in just one year here in China!  Sue spent a large part of her day boxing many items up and taking them to the post office.  Here they are at the post office putting bands around the boxes, getting them ready for shipment.

Hangzhou 003

It cost about 1000 yuan to mail it all, about $150 US, for surface mail and it will take about 2 months to get there - so it will be a race to see who gets home first, us or the boxes!
Hangzhou 005

There are all kinds of strange fruits at our local market.  One of them which we bought today looks like a cross between a purple grape, a cherry, and a raspberry.  We'll let you know how it tastes!  We also found these nectarines, below, that they must have put some sticker on as they ripened in the sun to make a beautiful Chinese character!
Hangzhou 006

This weekend we will go to Putuoshan, an island with beaches and monasteries in the East China Sea.  It has about 3000 residents and 1/3 of them are monks.  So, you may not see blog entries for a couple of days!

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Anonymous said...

so... you canceled mail forwarding right? because I can see those packages doing a few round trips... and ending up... in interesting places! -Catherine