Friday, May 9, 2008

Shopping at the Carrefour

Sue went to the Carrefour to go shopping and pick up some Western provisions (cereal, pasta, coffee, and bread).  It sure is nice to have an outpost of Western food here.   Apparently the French are suggesting that the Olympics should be avoided due to the situation in Tibet!  So, Many Chinese have elected to ban going to Carrefour because it is a French chain (even though it's locally owned and employs many Chinese!)  However, this is our source of wine, cheese and bread - so, we're happy to ignore any political tensions that may be occurring and eat well!

Hangzhou 006

Some delicious chickens and chicken feet - what a selection!  I think it's impossible to pick out the same feet that were originally together!
Hangzhou 003

If chicken feet aren't to your liking, how about pig feet!  Hmm, what to cook for dinner?
Hangzhou 004

Here's a premium turtle, waiting for your shopping cart.  MMmm, doesn't he look yummy?  Anyone have any good turtle recipes? 
Hangzhou 005

Thursday night we had some of Sue's students over.  We made them an American dinner which they seemed to like, but they did eat some of our Chinese food afterwards!

Last night some of the other foreign teachers came over (and one student) for an exciting game of Risk - world domination!  The risk game lasted until 11pm which the boys LOVED, then talking until 1am.  Then everyone (except the Lewises) went to the bars after THAT!  Peter exclaimed, "Those YOUNG people are crazy!"
Hangzhou 025

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