Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lunch at the Sofitel

Today we went with our French and Italian friends (Alice Milner, as well as Stefania and Damiano) to the Sofitel, which is managed by Alice's husband.  We sat out on the terrace under an umbrella by the lake on a 70 degree day - so pleasant!
Hangzhou 024

Sophie and Alice's son Francesco played together and also had a wonderful time chasing each other around!

 Hangzhou 030 Hangzhou 032

Jack was Mr. GQ in his tie (LEFT) and (RIGHT) Sophie giving a big hug to Francesco.
Hangzhou 034 Hangzhou 093

Here are the two gentlemen, Damiano and Jack... so cool!
Hangzhou 051

Our tables on the terrace, overlooking the city and the lake.  Gorgeous!
Hangzhou 052

The taxis on the street below.  We always love to see the green lights in the windows of the available taxis.
Hangzhou 069

Peter was thrilled to receive a giant hamburger which he polished off in no time.  Then he sat in the sun and read his book; he was so content!
 Hangzhou 070
Our friend Alice, whose husband manages this beautiful hotel.  (Jack took this picture!)
Hangzhou 078

A gigantic Dragon Boat on a cruise off in the distance...
Hangzhou 089

Here is Sophie, levitating off the rock.  Her feet rarely touch the ground!
Hangzhou 102

Jack was so good with the little kids.  He let them push him off the rock and he made a big show of it which they LOVED.  On the right - possibly one of my favorite pictures of Sophie that captures her joie de vivre! 
Hangzhou 114 Hangzhou 115

A cityscape of Hangzhou on this beautiful day.
Hangzhou 116

Jack learned to tie a tie today, and here it is flying in the wind as he launches himself off of the boulder by our table.
Hangzhou 129

Our two little gentlemen, so well behaved at this luxury hotel.  Thanks Stefania for these pictures, and Alice for the wine and dessert!


Taking a break with their candy boxes...  Sue opened her chocolate box up that the hotel had given her for Mother's day and came to find the chocolates were... GONE!  The thief (Sophie) had chocolate around her mouth!


The girls left for the fashion market where Sue found some fabric and a tailor to make her a shirt and a pair of pants (linen!) for 200 quai!  Here she is getting measured by the tailor.
_MG_9145 _MG_9146

Since Thursday we had Sue's students over, had a RISK tournament, toured the city with Danny the teacher, went out with Tim and Fang, then Damiano, Stefania and Alice!  It was a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely lunch outing. Hope you're all doing well. Catherine

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

What great pictures of the kids, especially Sophie flying above the ground! That's so her!! :)

Love, Cara