Saturday, May 24, 2008

Not So Strange!

Since we're coming up on 300 days in China, we have been reflecting on all of the things that aren't so strange to us any longer.  The list we made:

* Multiple people on a bicycle
* No helmets, anywhere
* Baby butts, hanging out of split pants
* Being constantly stared at, gawked at and talked about
* Squat toilets
* Squishing into a taxi cab
* No seatbelts or car seats
* Crossing the road and vying for space with moving cars
* Throwing trash on the floor in the noodle shop
* Washing dishes by hand
* Constant, noisy spitting
* Climbing 6 flights of stairs several times a day
* So much togetherness as a family
* So MANY people, everywhere!
* Drinking teas with all kinds of crazy leaves and flowers in them
* Having a housekeeper who doesn't speak English
* Being a minority
* Counters that are three feet tall
* Constant construction, everywhere
* Fireworks going off all the time
* Drying our underwear outside
* Riding bicycles everywhere, in any weather conditions
* Being illiterate
* Watching a DVD on a small computer screen, squished together on a couch made for 3 Chinese people
* Taking our shoes off and wearing slippers inside
* Hopping on the train to Shanghai
* Not having a car (we miss this, now!)
* So much city noise

When we need the comforts of home, we go across town to the only Subway, which is very similar to those in the U.S.!

Hangzhou 009

Sophie and I, finishing our sandwiches at Subway...
Hangzhou 010

Jack, playing with Sue's camera
Hangzhou 013

Sophie saw this pink bike outside and she REALLY liked it.  When we get home I think there will definitely be one in her future!

 Hangzhou 014

Sue's bicycle was also stolen this morning, so we're not sure if we'll buy another one before we go or not, but it sure is an inconvenience.  Even though we lock them up every night, we have had 3 bikes stolen so far! 

I have the best strategy for bicycle protection...  Leave it outside to get rained on, dirty and rusty, so that it looks really bad.  Also, push it over once in awhile so that it gets scratched up.  This helps too.  Mine is the only one that hasn't gotten stolen so far, so I guess it has worked!

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Bob & Amy said...

I can't wait to see Sophie tearing it up in Prescott on her very own pink bike. I do hope you'll reconsider the helmets though...

This was a great list. So many things you've adapted to!