Saturday, May 17, 2008

Putuoshan - Day 3

On Sunday, we were out of clean clothes for the kids, so we tried to avoid the beach as much as possible! We walked through the "Purple Bamboo Forest" to yet another temple which is built on a jetty into the sea.

Putuoshan 321

Putuoshan 354

Many temples like this one have some sort of an urn for collecting money.  LEFT: People throw money into the top RIGHT: Squeezing in to lay hands on the lucky dragon.
Putuoshan 295    Putuoshan 316

Worshippers touching the urn for good luck.  I had to really be aggressive and elbow my way in towards the urn to get this shot as throngs of people vied for position to touch as much of the urn as possible.
Putuoshan 312

Past the urn, we walked further out on the jetty to explore.  Peter and Jack loved hanging out with Danny and exploring the cracks and crevices.
Putuoshan 299

The color of (at least this part) of the East China Sea is very brown.  I don't think (and HOPE it's not) pollution, perhaps it's silt, but it's not the blue we're accustomed to!
Putuoshan 317

Rebecca, saying goodbye to the sea she only just met, as this is our last day in Putuoshan.
Putuoshan 318    Putuoshan 319

A decorative dragon figure, with worshippers in the background...
Putuoshan 323

Sophie and Sue enjoying the views.  Sophie loves being anywhere there are wide open spaces.  In China of course there are much less railings and other safety devices so we had to keep a close reign on her at this temple.

Putuoshan 325    Putuoshan 326

"Ta Daa!"
Putuoshan 328

A far off view of another temple across the bay, which we visited on Friday.Putuoshan 342

LEFT: Lighting some incense in a firebox, and RIGHT:  The sky started to clear up and it got warm quickly!
  Putuoshan 334    Putuoshan 337

OK now the incense is lit, and time to make way closer to the temple door.
Putuoshan 339

What a gorgeous building!  These temples have a lot of money coming in, and everything is immaculate.
 Putuoshan 346

LEFT:  Sophie, cheesing for the camera (actually, in China they say 'qieze' or 'eggplant' when they smile for the camera).  RIGHT:  A view across the front of the temple.
Putuoshan 348     Putuoshan 351

Another immaculate passageway.  I waited a LONG time to get a picture of this without any people in it!  Sophie was so patient with me!
Putuoshan 357

LEFT: Carrying Sophie one-handed up the walk - GOSH she's getting heavy!  RIGHT:  Some woman thrust her baby into Danny's arms without a word and pointed her camera at him. He was happy to oblige.
Putuoshan 081 Putuoshan 082

Danny, carrying Sophie, both having a great time as they walk down the street to our hotel to leave for the mainland.

Putuoshan 362

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