Saturday, May 17, 2008

Putuoshan - Day 2

While we were waiting for all of the 20-somethings to wake up, we went to the beach for a little early morning sand-play. 

Putuoshan 148

We spotted this woman washing her vegetables on the street, getting ready for the breakfast and lunch crowds.
 Putuoshan 147

Once everyone was ready and fed, we started our climb of Mount Putuo.  One of the ivy-grown walls next to the path...
 Putuoshan 151

Some of the beautiful canopy over our heads...
Putuoshan 152

This monk was doing his pilgrimage to the top, complete with backpack.  He would kneel and touch his head to the ground about every 3 steps.  Exhausting!  Passers-by would give him some water to help him on his way.  There's Peter, passing him on his right.
Putuoshan 153

Jack looked in the bushes for critters to take pictures of.  I'll do a separate blog of all of the critter pictures he took!
Putuoshan 158

The boys really loved all of the green moss and wanted their picture taken by the mossy rocks here...
Putuoshan 159

Sophie sat down on the stairs for a break.  Doesn't she look tired?
Putuoshan 164

After an hour's worth of stairs, here we are at the top!
Putuoshan 165

We walked down a wooded path to the temple on the top.  Here we are at the temple entrance with the sign behind us to prove we all made it!
Putuoshan 168

We strolled inside the temple to take a look around at the grounds...
  Putuoshan 172

LEFT:  a set of prayer pillows under some decorations hung from the ceiling.  RIGHT:  Peering through a doorway into one of the temple rooms.
Putuoshan 173   Putuoshan 180

Looking down one of the many temple hallways...
Putuoshan 175

This is the typical pose we saw of many hundreds of people who come to Putuoshan for their pilgrimage.
Putuoshan 182

More prayers being said...
Putuoshan 184

Laura and Kendall hanging out in the courtyard...
Putuoshan 183

More open air courtyard of this mountain-top temple.
  Putuoshan 186

Part of the group taking a rest and looking at pictures after our hike up the mountain and walking through the temple!
Putuoshan 188

There are many beads and Buddhist artifacts for sale up and down the mountain.  This man was waving is arm to beckon would-be customers over to his display...
Putuoshan 190

Kendall and Sue enjoying the view on the way back down the mountain.
Putuoshan 191

Sophie caught a ride most of the way down with Aamir or some other poor sucker who she was able to beg into carrying her!
Putuoshan 192

Jack was a trooper up and down the mountain.  Kendall showed him how to take pictures of bugs and other creatures so he stopped every 50 feet to do so!
Putuoshan 193

At the bottom of the mountain, we had to cross a park to get to the beach.  We found many pigeons and - pigeon feed for sale!  Jack laid down on the grass and asked us to sprinkle some food around!
Putuoshan 207

He loved it!  The pigeons did have a hard time staying on his slippery, short hair...
Putuoshan 211

Sophie also had a great time being with the pigeons.  Peter however couldn't be bothered.  He made a bee-line for the beach!
Putuoshan 220 Putuoshan 221

The pigeons also loved Sue.  They would land on her even if she didn't have any food!
Putuoshan 231

Rebecca tried and tried to get a bird to land on her, but they just wouldn't!  I told her to act like a tree, which she is doing here.

Putuoshan 254

Finally, success!  The birds found her and her food.

Putuoshan 237

The birds sure enjoyed perching on Sue!
 Putuoshan 243

They were also (rightly) a little skittish of landing on the kids, but Peter saw what fun we were having and came back to join in.
Putuoshan 259

However, the beach was beckoning and what a nice beach it was, called the "Thousand Step Beach".
Putuoshan 261

We bought (negotiated!) a sand bucket with tools for the kids, and Sophie immediately ran to the water's edge to break ground.
Putuoshan 263

The boys commandeered some of the more useful tools and started building a sand castle.
Putuoshan 266

This was Rebecca's first time to ever sea the sea, so she really enjoyed the water and the sand.
Putuoshan 269

She built her first sand castle with the boys.  They started one, but the tide was coming in so fast that they had to restart further up the beach.
Putuoshan 274
The rest of the group had seen the beach before, and they had different ideas!
Putuoshan 270

Lots of little things in bloom...
Putuoshan 273

Jack, helping to make an earthworks to protect the sand castle from the onslaught of waves.
Putuoshan 276

LEFT: Jack, who we told not to get wet, now thoroughly soaked, and RIGHT:  Sophie loved to run so much on the beach we had to track her down by her footprints.
Putuoshan 281    Putuoshan 282

The three engineers, calling their masterpiece complete as the tide started to claim it back for its own.
Putuoshan 283

All refreshed after a long beach nap!
Putuoshan 288

After a bus ride back to town, we looked for a place to have dinner.  We passed by the town well where we saw many people come to get water by lowering the bucket...

Putuoshan 064 Putuoshan 065

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